Wash Jeans In Hot Or Cold Water? (Answered)

Your jeans are a long-term investment.

People can keep the same pair of jeans for years at a time without having to think about getting a new pair.

Why does this happen?

It has to do with making sure the jeans are washed the right way. A simple washing strategy is what you are going to need right away.

This includes asking, should you wash jeans in hot or cold water?

Always wash your jeans in cold water. This ensures the jeans are cleaned thoroughly, the bad odors go away, and the jeans don’t shrink after the wash cycle is done.

Hot water is not the right fit for your jeans.

Yes, hot water is good for other clothing items but that is not the case for jeans. You should only be using cold water for your favorite pair of jeans.

It is also recommended to wash them separately as that will make it easier to get the desired cleanliness you are hoping for before putting the jeans on again.

Here is more about what the main advantages of washing jeans in cold water are.

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Benefits Of Washing Jeans In Cold Water

1. Prevents Shrinking

Imagine taking your jeans out of the washing machine and then realizing they have shrunk.

Is that what you are going to want?

You will hate the idea of dealing with a pair of jeans that are not the same size as they were before going into the washer.

This does happen when you use hot water and it is the last thing you will want to see as it is preventable.

Look to use cold water to wash your jeans as that is how you are going to keep them at the same size for as long as you want.

Cold water is the best for your jeans as it is going to retain the size and make sure they look the same too.

2. Prevents Discoloration

Just like you are not going to want to deal with shrunken jeans in the washer, you will also want to think about discoloration during the process.

What does this mean?

The idea is you are not going to want the jeans to start fading. This is common when you are putting the jeans in the washing machine regularly.

The same color that you saw in the store is not going to be what you see after a few washes when using hot water.

This is why it is best to use cold water when washing your jeans in the washer.

3. Removes Debris Easily

What is the main purpose of washing your jeans in the first place?

You are going to want to get rid of the debris that is inside the washer. This is a real concern and it is something you will want to get on top of as soon as possible.

A lot of people don’t manage debris well and that is what causes things to break down over time.

You will want to take the time to look at how you can get debris out of the jeans.

This is when washing them in cold water is effective. The cold water is going to dig into the debris and take it out right away.

4. Gets Rid Of Bad Odors

When you take out the jeans from the washing machine, you are going to want to avoid a situation where they stink.

This happens due to sweat and/or anything else which makes contact with the jeans during the day.

Those odors need to be removed.

How are you going to remove bad odors from a pair of jeans?

You will want to wash them in cold water as that is how the bad odors will go away. The cold water is much better than using the detergent to get rid of the stink that spreads throughout the denim.

Final Thoughts

Should you wash jeans in hot or cold water?

You should wash your jeans in cold water only. Cold water is good for jeans because it thoroughly cleans the denim, gets rid of the bad odors, and makes sure shrinkage is not a concern.

Most people spend quite a bit of money on their jeans, which means you are going to want to be particular about the washing process too.

Do not settle for less when it is time to wash the jeans at home.

Using cold water is the way to go and will ensure the jeans turn out the way you want them to.

This does matter when doing things the right way.

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