Washing Machine Flooded the Apartment! (Fixed)

When a washing machine malfunctions, you are going to hope it does not start leaking water throughout the room.

In an apartment, this becomes an incredibly important detail to think about. You will not want a situation where the washing machine flooded the apartment.

If the washing machine flooded the apartment, start by turning off the water supply right away. Next, unplug the unit, empty the machine, and inspect where the water came from. Fix the damage and make sure to clear the water from the area.

If the water is excessive throughout the apartment and has spread everywhere, it’s best to call a professional water damage restoration company.

They will know what to do and are going to make sure you can save other assets in the apartment.

This article is going to show you more about what to do if the washing machine has flooded the apartment and now you are looking to resolve the matter.

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Steps To Follow If Your Washing Machine Flooded The Apartment

1. Turn Off The Water Supply & Unplug The Appliance

Before doing anything else, you will want to stop the water from flowing through the washing machine.

This is only going to worsen if you are not quick to act.

In general, you will want to shut off the water supply to the entire apartment. This is simple, effective, and is going to let you figure out what to do next without worrying about more water pouring through.

You will also want to take the time to unplug the washer at this point.

There is no reason to run the washer as it is not going to work without the water. You will also want to make sure it does not get fried due to the standing water around it.

Any electrical charge in this situation could damage the appliance for good. It is also a safety risk.

2. Inspect The Leak

You are now going to take the time to pull the washer forward and see what is causing it to leak.

Each situation is going to be unique.

It might be the drain hose that is leaking or it could be the washing machine drum overflowing with water.

It depends on the situation at hand.

You will want to avoid panicking and make sure you are not letting water spill everywhere if it has been collected in the drum.

You will want to leave it as-is and wait for the drain hose to get unclogged if that is the issue.

3. Clear The Water In The Apartment

You will want to clear the water as best as you can.

When there is too much water in the apartment, you are going to have a situation where it is going to damage everything inside.

This is dangerous for the rest of your valuables and it is also going to compromise any other appliance in the apartment.

If it is too much water, you are going to want to get a water damage restoration company to take a look at what it can do.

They will help clear the water and make sure the apartment is salvageable.

4. Fix The Damaged Part In The Washer

When you are sure the water has been cleared, you can then go back to the washing machine.

You will want to see what caused the leak in greater detail now that the water has been cleared.

The goal here is to fix the damaged part.

In general, it is going to be the draining setup that is not working as planned. This means there is a clog in the drain hose and it needs to be unclogged.

Your best option is to replace the drain hose and make sure the new one is installed the right way. This should clear up the mess and ensure the machine does not continue to leak.

Final Thoughts

Look into these steps if the washing machine flooded the apartment.

If the washing machine has flooded the apartment, start by turning off the water supply going to the machine. Next, unplug the appliance, clear the water in the apartment, and then replace the damaged part.

In most cases, you will need to change the drain hose.

This is the mistake people make and it is the one thing you are going to want to get right.

You will want to ensure the focus is on finding out where the leak is after you are certain the water has been cleared from the apartment. This should be your priority as water damage is much harder to deal with.

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