How To Fix Water Blowing Out Of Toilet (Explained)

When your toilet is fully functional, it’s normal to have it work quietly in the background without gurgling or creating issues.

However, there are times when the toilet is going to start acting up and it can lead to significant water damage if you’re not careful.

This includes situations where there is water blowing out of a toilet.

If there is water blowing out of a toilet, start by turning off the water supply immediately. Next, flush the toilet to empty it, remove the lid, unscrew the fill valve, check for damage, and insert a new fill valve before tightening it.

In some cases, you can tighten the existing fill valve and it will start working properly. However, it is often recommended to simply replace the older fill valve to make sure this problem does not arise again leading to water damage.

This guide is going to show you how to fix water blowing out of a toilet before things get worse.

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How To Fix Water Blowing Out Of Toilet

1. Shut Off The Water Supply & Flush The Toilet

You will always need to start by fixing the original issue.

This means stopping the water from blowing out of the toilet and leaving a mess everywhere. This has to be your priority as the water damage will be extensive if things continue.

To do this, you are going to shut off the water supply.

There will be a valve near the toilet that can be used to turn off the water going to this fixture. Turn it as soon as you can.

You will now want to take the time to flush the toilet.

The reason for flushing the toilet is to make sure the bowl is empty. This will also include the toilet tank.

Both need to be empty.

If you feel like the toilet tank is still moist, you can use a sponge to dry it. This will get rid of the excess water in there.

2. Remove The Lid

You are now going to remove the toilet tank’s lid and set it aside.

The goal is to take a look at the fill valve inside the toilet tank. This is going to be the longest part inside the tank and it will likely be located to one side.

You will notice it right away.

The goal is to see what is going on with the fill valve and whether or not it is damaged. To do this, you are going to want to make sure the lid is out of the way.

3. Unscrew The Fill Valve & Check For Damage

When you have taken a look for damage, you might notice there is something wrong with the fill valve.

It might have chipped off or become loose.

If it is structurally fine, you might just have to tighten it. This could be the reason there was water blowing out of the toilet.

If not, you will need to take it out.

To do this, you are going to unscrew the nut that is connecting the fill valve to the toilet tank.

You are going to unscrew it and the fill valve will come right out. You can pull it up to take it out.

4. Replace The Fill Valve (If Necessary)

When the old fill valve is out, you are going to have to put in a new one.

It is best to find one that is going to be a perfect fit so you don’t have to worry about it becoming loose over time.

This is only to be done when the existing fill valve is damaged.

If not, you might get away with simply tightening the existing fill valve and seeing if that works out as you want it to.

Replace the fill valve and make sure it is as tight as it needs to be.

This is a must.

Final Thoughts

This is what you have to do when there is water blowing out of a toilet.

If there is water blowing out of a toilet, you will want to turn off the main water supply immediately. Next, flush the toilet to drain the bowl of water. Now, remove the toilet tank’s lid, unscrew the fill valve, and replace it with a new fill valve.

This is the only way to make sure the water stops blowing out of a toilet and does not damage everything around it.

You will want to act fast when this happens as the damage can be extensive if you are not careful with your approach.

Putting in a new fill valve is always going to be the right approach and will save you quite a bit of time.

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