Why Is Water Coming Up Through Kitchen Floor Tiles? (Solved)

Having water all over the kitchen floor is never a pleasant sight. It can become even more concerning when it comes to water coming up through kitchen floor tiles. This is when you are going to panic and worry about the foundation of the flooring.

The reason water comes up through the kitchen floor tiles has to do with a higher water table on the property causing water to come from underneath the foundation. It can also occur due to a burst pipe. To resolve this issue, it’s important to set up a vapor retarder near the base to prevent water from coming through.

This is an essential step that has to be done as soon as possible. Otherwise, the entire foundation is going to be compromised.

Key factors include:

  • High Water Table
  • Placement of the Property
  • Amount of Water

When it comes to water coming up through kitchen floor tiles, you are going to want to act fast. The best approach is to prevent the water from coming through the flooring but also making sure the damage is fixed quickly.

You don’t want to have this issue drag on for too long as the tiles will get ruined in the kitchen.

This article will look at what to do with water coming up through kitchen floor tiles. This includes what to set up, how to clear up the mess, and what not to do.

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Tips For Water Coming Up Through Kitchen Floor Tiles

1. Use Vapor Retarder

This is a must for long term prevention.

With water coming up through kitchen floor tiles, you are going to want to have protective cover in place along the base of the property.

This is going to ensure a higher water table doesn’t destroy the foundation. When this happens, the kitchen flooring might be the least of your concerns moving forward.

This is why it is better to look at setting up the vapor retarder along the concrete base. This will act as a preventative measure to ensure the water doesn’t seep through causing serious damage both to the interior and exterior elements of the property.

This is essential with water coming up through kitchen floor tiles.

water coming up through kitchen floor tiles

2. Check for Damaged Piping

You also have to account for damaged piping.

There are times when a pipe bursts especially during extreme temperature changes. When this happens, the pipe isn’t going to be visible and that means it will continue to leak water inside the wall.

This is when you start to notice the wall get soaked and/or the flooring to start accumulating puddles of water.

In general, with water coming up through kitchen floor tiles you have to look for a burst pipe.

It is common for pipes to burst inside the walls and then have water run down due to gravity causing damage to the flooring.

By doing this, you are going to have the opportunity to fix/replace the pipe.

This is a must or you are just going to keep seeing new puddles of water throughout the house and it won’t be a pretty sight!

water coming up through kitchen floor tiles

3. Call a Water Damage Company

This is not always going to be easy to fix on your own.

You will want to go with a water damage company that has years of experience. They can take the time to see what’s going on and how to make sure the right measures are taken moving forward.

This includes getting rid of the water content in the kitchen.

A water damage company will have better equipment to assess what’s going on and where the damage is. This is ideal for peace of mind.

They will also provide insight into preventative methods if necessary.

This goes a long way when it comes to water coming up through kitchen floor tiles. You don’t want a situation where it continues to spread and/or ruins a part of the flooring in your kitchen.

Related Questions

1. Why Is Water Seeping Through My Kitchen Floor?

Water can start seeping through your kitchen floor due to a burst pipe and/or a sudden increase in the water table on the property.

2. How Do I Get Water Out From Under My Kitchen Floor?

To remove water from under your kitchen floor, it’s best to start by removing the grout using a rubber mallet and chisel. Once the tile is removed, you can begin to dry the water under the flooring slowly.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips to focus on with water coming up through kitchen floor tiles.

By taking the time to implement this advice, you will have the opportuntiy to take care of the problem before it gets worse.

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