Why Is There Water In The Bottom Of The Washing Machine Drum? (Fixed)

When a washing machine runs the way it is supposed to, the water will drain instantly. It will not back up nor will it sit at the bottom.

This is why washing machine users need to be wary of what is going on with their machines at all times. This includes figuring out where the water is draining after it has gone through the cycle.

This includes asking, why is there water in the bottom of the washing machine drum?

Water collects in the bottom of the washing machine drum when the drain hose is tangled and/or damaged. This prevents the water from flowing through the drain hose and into the drain. To fix the issue, unplug the appliance, inspect the drain hose, untangle it, and tighten everything.

Your primary focus should be on fixing the drain hose in the washing machine.

When there is a tangled drain hose in a washing machine, this will create issues such as water collecting at the bottom.

This guide will let you know more about what to do when there is water in the bottom of the washing machine drum and how to remove it.

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How To Fix Water In The Bottom Of The Washing Machine Drum

1. Pull The Washing Machine Out

If there is water in the washing machine drum when not in use, this is a sign there’s something wrong with the drain hose.

You will want to stop using the washing machine until this problem is resolved.

Otherwise, the washing machine drum is going to continue filling with water, and eventually, the water will flow out of the bottom.

You have to prevent this type of leaking by fixing the drain hose.

To do this, you are going to want to start by unplugging the washing machine. You do not want the power running into the machine until it has been repaired.

This will make a real difference in how far you can pull the washing machine out too.

2. Inspect The Drain Hose

Now that the washing machine is unplugged, it is time to find the root cause.

The root cause is going to involve the drain hose.

In general, the drain hose is going to cause water to not go through when it is tangled. This is similar to a water line getting clogged and there not being enough space for the liquid to push through.

You have to make sure the drain hose is untangled as soon as possible.

To do this, you are going to want to start by inspecting the drain hose. Look for potential damage and where the tangling is.

3. Untangle The Drain Hose

To fix the tangled drain hose, you will have to remove it.

This is going to allow you to straighten the drain hose and reset it.

There will be a bolt that is going to hold the drain hose into place. You are going to use a wrench to get it loose.

Once you have pulled the drain hose out, you can then begin to work on the tangles that have developed.

Take your time to fix the drain hose in a washing machine. This has to be perfect or the water will not drain through it as it should.

4. Tighten The Drain Hose

If there is a washing machine drain problem, you will also want to take the time to look at how tight the drain hose is.

Sometimes, the drain hose is loose, which causes it to shift around and not work as intended.

This is why the best thing you can do is tighten the drain hose.

It will allow you to make sure water does not pass through and damage everything.

Tighten the drain hose whether you are untangling it or not. This has to be a priority when you are fixing the hose in the washing machine.

Final Thoughts

Why is there water in the bottom of the washing machine drum?

If there is water in the bottom of the washing machine drum, it is collecting there due to a tangled or damaged drain hose. To repair the issue, unplug the machine, pull it out, inspect the drain hose, and untangle it.

This will ensure the drain hose is back to how it should be and water can drain properly.

Until you untangle the drain hose, water is not going to pass through. This means the water will continue to remain stuck in the washing machine drum.

Be diligent about how you handle something like this or you will end up dealing with significant water damage down the road.

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