Waterfall Vs Tucked Carpet (Compared)

When it comes to choosing a good carpet for the property, it’s also important to understand how it’s going to be installed.

A lot of mistakes can be made in choosing how the carpet will be set up.

This is when you will want to compare a waterfall vs tucked carpet.

A waterfall carpet is placed over the front of a stair, while a tucked carpet sits under the front of the stair. A tucked carpet is secured using staples to remain in place. In general, the tucked carpet takes longer to install but has a neater finish.

For those who want to be done quickly, a waterfall carpet is the way to go. It will not take as long even if it is not as neat.

On the other hand, those who want to go for a more personalized look might prefer to have the carpet tucked under the nose of the stair.

This guide will compare a waterfall vs tucked carpet for those who are looking to choose well.

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Comparing Waterfall Vs Tucked Carpet

1. Time To Install

Let’s begin with the time to install each version.

In general, it is going to take much longer to tuck a carpet under the front of a stair. This is going to add a step to each stair.

This is due to the carpet having to be pulled and then “tucked” under the nose of the stair. This has to be done evenly or it’s going to bunch up and not look as desired.

This is why the time to install this has to be taken into consideration.

When you go to a specialist for a tucked carpet installation, they are also going to let you know how time-consuming it’s going to be in comparison to a waterfall carpet. This is going to add to the fee you pay.

2. Design

This is the one detail people are going to care about the most.

You will want to figure out how the result will be when you have the carpet set up. It needs to look the part for you to be satisfied with how the carpet turns out. This is the only way to make sure you are getting to work with a design that appeals to you.

A tucked carpet is going to be pulled in, which is going to show more of the stair’s shape. This tends to work well for those who have a plush carpet as it keeps the carpet tucked into place.

The waterfall carpet has a more draped design, which can appeal to those who want a simpler setup.

3. Cleanliness

Another detail to think about will be cleanliness.

The tucked carpet is simply neater and that is a given due to it being stapled into place underneath the nose of a stair.

This is going to deliver a cleaner finish from one step to the next.

You are not going to get the same type of result with the waterfall carpet. It is going to be more free-flowing, which is not always ideal if you are particular about getting a cleaner and crisper finish.

4. Consistency

The last detail to think about is consistency.

You will want to make sure the carpet is set up in a way where it is going to remain consistent. This is a real hurdle people deal with and it is the last thing you are going to want to face.

You will need to think about how consistent the carpet is from one step to the next.

The tucked carpet is going to be far more consistent. This is appealing to those who do want to standardize the look of their space.

This will not happen with the waterfall carpet.

Final Thoughts

These are the factors to weigh when comparing a waterfall vs tucked carpet.

A waterfall carpet is designed to drape over the edge of a stair, while a tucked carpet is designed to be pulled under the edge of a stair creating a more uniform appearance. It is common for a tucked carpet to take longer to install while offering a neater finish.

It simply comes down to the look you want to go with as a property owner.

Some will not mind the waterfall design and simply want to set up the carpet as soon as possible. If that is the direction you are going in, you will enjoy what you are going to get with how the waterfall carpet is set up.

On the other hand, those who want a tucked design, you are going to adore the value you get with the waterfall carpet.

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