What Can I Put Over a Lamp to Dim It? (Explained)

When it is time to start thinking about the management of light in your room, it’s important to understand the source first.

This includes various light fixtures such as the table lamp in the corner of the room or the spotlights above.

However, the average property owner is going to worry about the lamp more than anything else. It will stand out if it is too bright. This leads you to wonder, what can I put over a lamp to dim it?

It’s recommended to put a darker lampshade to dim the lamp light if it’s too bright. Additional solutions can include placing a cover around the lampshade, use a dimmer light bulb, or set up a dimmer with the lamp itself.

For the most part, your best bet is to simply invest in a dimmer lightbulb. This is a faster fix and it is only going to take a few seconds to implement.

If you want a more long-term setup then of course going with the new lampshade is a great option too.

This article will look at each option for those who want to find out what to put over a lamp to dim it.

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Tips On What To Put Over A Lamp To Dim It

1. Use A Darker Lampshade

The first option is going to be to look at the way light is distributed from the lamp.

This is why you are going to want to put something on top of the lamp to protect how much light is coming out of it.

However, the best option is to think about the one barrier that is already present. This would have to do with the lampshade.

It needs to be set up in a way where it is as dark as you want it to be.

Go through the various options for lampshades that are compatible with the lamp you are working on. A good option will be a dark color such as black because it is going to manipulate how much light is coming from the lamp when it is turned on.

2. Invest In A Dimmer Light Bulb

You can also take a look at using a light bulb that is dimmer than what is already in place.

To do this, you can look at the watts and see which one has lower watts on offer. This is obviously after you have taken the time to assess whether or not the bulb is compatible with the lamp.

If it is, the lower watts will go a long way in fixing this issue the way you want it to be fixed.

3. Set Up A Dimmer For The Lamp

Let’s assume you want to go with a unique way of controlling how much light is coming from the lamp at a given point.

You are going to want to set up a dimmer.

Some lamps come with this and others don’t.

It takes a lot of work to do this and it is best to have a specialist do this for you. They are going to rewire the lamp to make it easier to dim when the light is on.

It is best to think about this as you are figuring out what your options are.

4. Wrap A Dark Cloth Around The Lampshade

You should be taking the time to wrap a dark cloth around the lampshade if you want an instant solution that will take no longer than a few minutes to manage.

The purpose of doing this is to control how much light is going out of the lampshade at any given moment.

This is fast because it will only take a few seconds to do after you secure it in place.

However, it might not look as neat as you want it to.

This is why most people will look to go with a proper lampshade and make the change that way.

Final Thoughts

What can I put over a lamp to dim it?

You can put a cover over the lamp to dim it. Additional solutions including investing in a darker lampshade to dim the light, going for a dimmer light bulb, and/or setting up a dimmer for the lamp itself.

As you can tell, there are different options to consider when you are going down this path and there is no one right option for something like this.

Take the time to think about this as you figure out what needs to happen and how to do it the right way.

This is how you are going to make sure the lamp works well and still adds value to the room it is in.

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