What Color Faucet For Black Granite Countertops? (Answered)

Black granite countertops are appreciated for having a presence and offering a beautiful, sleek aesthetic that’s impossible to beat.

More and more contemporary kitchens are starting to integrate this type of countertop into their designs.

With that in mind, it’s become important to look at the other fixtures in this part of the house. This includes asking, what color faucet is best with black granite countertops?

The best color faucet with black granite countertops is either a brushed nickel or chrome faucet. These two colors are aesthetically pleasing, offer a nice contrast with the black countertops, and last for a long time.

If you are particular about the stylistic elements of the kitchen, these two colors will get the job done.

It’s not recommended to go with a black kitchen faucet as it might blend in too much. This can make it seem like everything in the kitchen is black and that doesn’t always work.

This article will take a look at what color faucet works with black granite countertops.

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How To Buy The Best Color Faucet For Black Granite Countertops

1. Don’t Go For An Exact Match

With kitchen black granite countertops, you have to be particular about each detail or it can start to look cumbersome.

This includes assessing the type of kitchen faucet you install with a black granite countertop.

The first detail to think about is the amount of matching you do.

Don’t get carried away with this part of the design process. Instead, you want to look to avoid going for an exact match because it won’t look good. A black faucet on black granite is possible but only if the rest of the kitchen is a different color.

The moment you have too much black in the kitchen, it can start to look like one big block of black.

what color faucet with black granite countertops

2. Brushed Nickel Or Chrome Work Best

The two best color faucets for black granite countertops are brushed nickel and chrome faucets.

These work well, offer a nice contrast, and don’t take away from the countertop itself.

Isn’t that what you are going for as a property owner?

These two colors will work well and are going to suit any kitchen theme. It offers a more stress-free option that will work better than going with other types of kitchen faucets.

3. Don’t Forget The Rest Of The Kitchen

You have to understand the kitchen is not just about the countertop and its faucet.

You have to consider other elements including the sink, cabinets, flooring, and even the paint on the walls.

Each detail matters in choosing the right sink faucet for a kitchen with black countertops.

If you get this wrong, it can take away from the sink and everything else in the kitchen even if it works well with the countertop.

You have to open up and consider everything in the kitchen before choosing the right kitchen faucet.

what color faucet with black granite countertops

4. Consider The Design

It is important to also factor in the design of the faucet.

You might want to go with a faucet that has a pull-down element, while others prefer a more static option that has a high arc to it.

Both options are valid and it comes down to your stylistic preference.

The faucet itself is going to work well in both situations and you just have to make sure the quality is there both in terms of the color and design.

Anything short of this is just not going to cut it. You will end up with mediocre results that will take away from any other investment made into the aesthetic of the kitchen.

This is why settling for less than the best design is just not a valid option.

Final Thoughts

What color faucet with black granite countertops?

The best color faucet with black granite countertops includes brushed nickel or chrome faucets. These are two proven colors that are stylish, elegant, and work well with the black-colored countertop in the kitchen.

Any contemporary kitchen that has one of these two colors is going to look good.

Of course, when you are choosing a new kitchen faucet, it’s important to consider everything including the other fixtures in the kitchen. This is the only way to get a more balanced look that is easy on the eyes.

Lots of people don’t do this and then have to settle for a kitchen faucet that stands out too much.

Look to go with one of the colors mentioned here and ensure you are doing your due diligence.

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