What Color Outlet Covers Should I Use? (Answered)

The outlet cover is often a forgotten detail when it comes to the electrical circuit.

However, this is an aesthetic detail that will stand out when it’s the wrong color! You have to take the time to choose a good outlet cover that will fit in with the rest of the room.

To do this, you have to ask, what color outlet covers should I use?

The best color for outlet covers is white. This is sleek, adjusts well with all types of rooms, and will age gracefully. It’s also recommended to consider stainless steel and black depending on the wall color. The goal should be to find something that contrasts nicely with the surrounding colors in the room.

If the outlets are the wrong color, they will not look good. It might even take away from the rest of the room’s aesthetic.

This guide will explain what to consider when choosing an outlet cover color.

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How To Choose Color For Outlet Cover

1. Contrast With Wall Color

Should outlets match wall color?

Outlets should contrast with wall colors instead of matching them. This creates a balanced, aesthetically pleasing design that’s easy on the eyes. A good example would be white or almond outlets on a black wall.

You should always look to contrast the outlet cover color with the walls in the room. This creates a nice look that will age well.

If you don’t contrast the color and go for a direct match, it will look out of place.

Remember, there is a use case for these covers. They need to be easy to spot when a person wants to plug something in!

You should not be hiding them by matching the color with the wall color.

what color outlet covers should i use

2. Maintain Consistency With Other Rooms

If you have white outlet covers in other rooms then that is what you should be going with.

Consistency is important across the entire property. This is a common mistake that is made because people do pay attention to these details.

A random set of outlet covers will look odd.

This goes for what’s in the same room and what is installed across the entire property. Choose one type of outlet and put it all around the property.

Too many colors will look unappealing and not work.

If that means having black outlet covers on white walls then that is what you are going to do. Look at the rest of your property and then decide.

3. Consider Timeless Colors Only

You have to understand the importance of resale value.

Imagine selling your house and then having pink outlet covers around the room. It is not going to be an easy sell because pink is not a common outlet cover color.

This will be jarring to someone that is walking into the property for the first time. Sure, it might work for you but does it work for others?

This is why choosing timeless covers is highly recommended such as white, black, or stainless steel.

what color outlet covers should i use

Should Outlet Covers Match Wall Or Trim?

Your outlet covers should not match the wall or trim. Instead, it should contrast with the wall cover to create a balanced look. This means a white outlet cover on a black or brown wall. This is not a mandatory rule but it’s often an accepted one among home design specialists.

It’s highly recommended to choose a color that works with the rest of the room.

If this means choosing a different shade then that is what you will do. Look to contrast rather than directly match with the wall or trim.

Final Thoughts

What color outlet covers should I use?

It’s recommended to choose white color outlet covers for your room. This is a traditional, well-accepted color that works well with all types of themes. Whether it’s a black, brown, or grey wall, a white outlet cover is a perfect fit. In general, it’s recommended to contrast shades or colors to create a balanced look.

It comes down to finding something that’s consistent with the rest of the house and looks good once set up.

This is a must.

If your outlet cover does not make sense with the rest of the room then it is not the right color. For example, adding a pink outlet cover in a black-colored room is not going to be a good fit.

It won’t look aesthetically pleasing nor is it going to increase your resale value. These are the little details that need to be thought of with the long term in mind.

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