What Color Should I Paint My Brick Fireplace?

A lot of homeowners look at their fireplace and see an incomplete feature in their room. It doesn’t stand out but it doesn’t provide the aesthetic touch that you’re on the lookout for. There’s nothing wrong with having this thought! It’s best to ask, what color should I paint my brick fireplace?

The best color for painting a brick fireplace is a soft neutral, beige, or striking color that highlights the fireplace.

It’s important to find what works best for your specific layout and furniture. What works in one room isn’t going to get the job done in another!

Key factors include:

  • Current Color
  • Location of the Fireplace
  • General Theme of the Room

When asking “What color should I paint my brick fireplace?” you are going to go through a wide array of options and that’s normal. You are going to wonder which one is the best for your living room and it comes down to preference.

However, it is always recommended to assess the general theme of the living room beforehand. You want to use colors that are effective, easy-going, and will let the fireplace stand out without compromising the rest of your decor.

For those asking “What color should I paint my brick fireplace?” this article is going to showcase some of the options available to you and what works best for your needs.

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Best Colors for Brick Fireplaces

1. Charcoal Grey

This is a great option because it’s safe and effective.

A lot of people just want to spice up the room and make it look cleaner. If that is the case then it’s better to go with a more even-toned color such as charcoal grey.

Of course, this depends on the rest of the room and the wall paint that’s been used.

Most people enjoy the look of charcoal grey brick and it has a very modernized vibe to it. This works well in minimalist rooms where the fireplace should flow with the rest of the room’s theme.

If you have a room that is already dealing with greys and blacks then this could be a good way to go. It’s going to nicely settle in and look the part.

Play around with the shade of grey you go with as it doesn’t always have to be charcoal grey. It is okay to go with something a smidgen lighter if that is what works best for your situation.

What Color Should I Paint My Brick Fireplace

2. Soft Neutrals

This is more about creating a look that flows with any type of room and doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons!

Soft neutrals such as peach, light blue, or even a light green.

This is all about creating an airy feel with the fireplace rather than having it stand out using black paint.

These colors help clean up the look of the fireplace without taking away from the rest of the room and its decor.

Just like any fireplace paint, you want to make sure it flows with the rest of the room.

This tends to work well in rooms that are already bright and airy because it will flow with everything else. It is not going to look odd.

What Color Should I Paint My Brick Fireplace

3. Striking Colors

This is when you will ask “What color should I paint my brick fireplace?” to make the fireplace a centerpiece.

In general, when you start using striking colors, you want the eye to go through and that’s okay!

You should look to go with a bright red, pink, or a sharp blue so it does stand out. If you are going down this path then make sure it does stand out.

Striking colors do a good job of highlighting the fireplace and allowing it to stand out as a fixture in the room.

If you do this well, the striking colors are going to impress immediately.

You will know it is going to bring a smile to your face the way you want it to.

Related Questions

1. Is It A Bad Idea To Paint A Brick Fireplace?

Painting a brick fireplace is a good idea as it allows you to freshen up the room without having to make larger, more expensive changes.

2. Should I Paint My Fireplace The Same Color As The Walls?

There is nothing wrong with painting the fireplace the same color as the walls. This allows the room to have a more balanced and clean appearance.

Final Thoughts

What color should I paint my brick fireplace?

It’s recommended to go with colors such as charcoal grey, soft neutrals (i.e. peace, olive), or striking colors that stand out (i.e. bright red) depending on the rest of your room.

This is all about personal preference and making sure it works with the rest of your room. Otherwise, it won’t look good!

Take the colors listed in this guide as a launching pad for making the right selection.

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