What Happens If You Touch Lava Lamp Liquid? (Answered)

Lava lamps are a beautiful sight once they are up and running.

They illuminate the space, look wonderful, and offer an ambiance that is hard to replicate. This is why many homes have lava lamps sitting around.

While this is true, you might worry about the safety of having a lava lamp in your home. For example, what happens if you touch lava lamp liquid?

Nothing happens if you touch lava lamp liquid. This liquid is not toxic. If the lava lamp breaks, any type of exposure to the internal contents is safe. This includes both fumes and the liquid itself.

Of course, it is not recommended to touch a lava lamp.

You should understand how it works and try to keep it safe.

This guide will take a look at the safety of lava lamps and whether or not it is safe to make contact with lava lamp wax.

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Is The Liquid In Lava Lamps Toxic?

The liquid in lava lamps is not toxic. This is a non-toxic material that is used by manufacturers to create the radiating light source that is well-known among light enthusiasts. Whether it is the fumes or liquid, the internal contents of a lava lamp are safe.

You can even find a child-safe lava lamp on the open market due to this reason.

So, what is inside the lava lamp then?

A lava lamp liquid is a mixture of water and coloring. This is all there is to it. The consistency can vary depending on the heat but it is not a dangerous substance or something you should avoid touching.

Most people assume it is dangerous due to the name of the light fixture.

Indeed, there is no “lava” inside a lava lamp!

The only thing you have to worry about with spilled lava lamp wax would be the stains it leaves behind. Anything else is nothing more than a myth.

what happens if you touch lava lamp liquid

Is It Safe to Sleep With A Lava Lamp On?

It is safe to sleep with a lava lamp on. However, a lava lamp should not run overnight for its sustainability. The average lava lamp can run for 8-10 hours at a time before needing time to cool off. If it runs past this amount, it will start to overheat leading to clumpy wax.

It’s highly recommended to stay safe when it comes to how you use a lava lamp.

Don’t continue to run the lava lamp without purpose. You should try to use it in spurts to preserve how long it lasts.

A lot of people don’t do this and that is what leads to the lava lamp dying out.

Are Lava Lamps A Fire Risk?

Lava lamps are a minor fire risk and it’s similar to any other lighting fixture in the house. The light bulb inside the lava lamp can get overheated, which causes it to spark and burn out. This can become a fire risk depending on how aggressive the overheating is.

In general, manufacturers take the time to have built-in safety mechanisms to ensure a fire does not break out.

If you go with the right type of lava lamp, you are not going to have to worry about this at all.

However, this is a risk that is there if you use it recklessly.

what happens if you touch lava lamp liquid

Do Lava Lamps Have Mercury In Them?

Lava lamps do not have mercury in them. The lava lamp has a mixture of water and coloring that is lit using a light bulb attached to the fixture. It is a neat effect created by the lamp due to its shape and overall structure.

Due to this, it is safe to touch a lava lamp and its wax.

Most people assume it is not due to them thinking there’s gas or mercury inside. Other types of lamps do have gas, but not this one.

Final Thoughts

What happens if you touch lava lamp liquid?

You can touch lava lamp liquid without any repercussions. The mixture inside a lava lamp is nothing more than water and coloring, which is strategically lit with the help of a light bulb. Due to this, lava lamp liquid is not dangerous to touch or breathe in.

It is still not recommended to play around with a broken lava lamp because it’s connected to an electrical outlet.

You should immediately remove it from the outlet, clean up the mess, and fix the lamp if you are going to use it again.

This is a simple rule you should follow when it comes to using a lava lamp.

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