What Size Microwave Fits A Dinner Plate? (Explained!)

Warming a dinner plate in the microwave is to be expected. You will want to warm your food and it is going to be set on a dinner plate.

While this is true, you will want to make sure the dinner plate fits in the microwave. This includes taking the time to ask, what size microwave fits a dinner plate?

Any microwave over the size of 0.5 cubic feet can fit a 10″ dinner plate. It’s recommended to choose a larger microwave to ensure the dinner plates fit nicely along with larger-sized dishes.

When buying a microwave, you want to find something that will fit a wide array of dishes. Having this versatility is a must if the goal is to make sure the microwave offers a lot of value in the home.

This article will look at what to consider when it comes to choosing a good microwave for your dinner plates.

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Tips For Buying a Microwave For Dinner Plates

1. Aim For At Least 0.5 Cubic Feet

In general, the average dinner plate is going to be 10″.

This means you want something that will not only accept a 10″ dinner plate but also allow it to spin on the turntable. Anything less than this is not going to cut it and will make it difficult to warm the dinner plate in a microwave.

Your goal has to be to have enough space for an average-sized dinner plate to spin freely.

If that is what you want then it’s time to set a bare minimum for what’s acceptable and what’s not. The best starting spot will be finding a microwave that is at least 0.5 cubic feet.

This will ensure you can easily warm the dinner plate and still get the results that you are after. Of course, the larger you go, the easier it will become to warm a dinner plate in the microwave.

What size microwave fits a dinner plate

2. Larger is Often A Better Fit

You will have to realize it is not just dinner plates that are going to go in the microwave.

Most people will have a long list of accessories that are going to go into the microwave. This can include pans, larger dishes, and/or mugs that are tall.

This is why it’s important to give yourself as much space inside the microwave as possible. Most people prefer to go with larger microwaves to ensure they are not restricted for space. This is the right mindset to have as long as the features are equal.

Being unable to warm something due to space can be frustrating and it’s best to avoid that situation.

3. Understand Your Needs

You will want to take the time to understand your needs at home.

Do you have another place to warm larger pans? Do you need specific features when using a microwave or are you going to use it for the bare minimum?

This is critical information that can dictate what you end up doing.

Your needs are just as important as anything else. When a dinner plate goes into the microwave, it should be easy to warm and still allow you to get the results you’re after. This means not having food that is cold from the middle.

It is these details that are going to make a real difference when it is time to use a microwave at home.

What size microwave fits a dinner plate

4. Check Additional Features

There are so many features that can come in handy when it is time to use a microwave.

You might want to preheat food, prepare potatoes, put together a bowl of popcorn, or do a whole host of other tasks that a microwave needs to do. If the microwave can’t do one of these tasks for you, it will become frustrating.

The goal is to have as much versatility as possible when buying a microwave. It should never restrict you.

Final Thoughts

What size microwave fits a dinner plate?

A 0.5 cubic feet microwave is the smallest appliance that can fit an average-sized dinner plate. It’s recommended to go with a larger microwave to ensure the dinner plate is warmed safely and can spin on the turntable.

It’s also best to look for additional features when choosing a microwave. You will likely need this appliance to warm other types of dinnerware too.

Avoid getting restricted and always go for a microwave that will meet all of your needs. This is an important appliance and one that should be purchased with a lot of care. A good microwave does make a difference.

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