What Size Subway Tile For Shower? (Solved)

When it comes time to set up the shower in a bathroom, you are going to have to consider a wide array of variables.

Some will be important and others are not.

In general, the first thing a person will have to think about is going to be the size of the tile. You will ask, what size subway tile for a shower is best?

The best size for subway tile in a shower is 3″ x 6″ because they cover enough space and offer a refined look. Other tiles are harder to maintain in the shower and will require constant repairs with the chance of water damage.

In such a fixture, the better option is to go with these tiles.

This will provide an aesthetically pleasing finish while ensuring the shower does not damage the surface. It’s always important to consider the size of subway tiles in the shower when looking to get the results you want.

This guide will showcase some of the main factors to consider when choosing the size of the subway tile in the shower.

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How To Choose Subway Tile For Shower

1. Go With 3×6 Subway Tile

Choosing subway tile for a shower wall comes down to waterproofing and aesthetics.

You should never settle for something that will look out of place or unappealing. This is why it is commonly recommended to go with the 3×6 subway tile in a shower.

It will look good and is going to be easy to set up.

Other types of shower tiles will work but might require more maintenance. The seal that comes with these smaller tiles will offer far more value over the long haul.

As you compare subway tile sizes, you will realize this is important in a fixture such as a shower.

It is going to be much easier to manage.

The 3×6 subway tile in a shower also works well over time because it has a graceful look to it. This makes it much easier to sell the property without having to change the subway tile.

what size subway tile for shower

2. Consider Longevity & Maintenance

The subway tile on a shower wall is going to come down to maintenance for a lot of property owners.

You never want a situation where the subway tile breaks down.

Keep this in mind when looking to invest in this part of the home. If the tiles break down, this will lead to unwanted repair work that is pricey when done by a specialist.

Go with the 3×6 subway tile knowing the results will be exceptional and you are going to get something that will last for a while.

3. Don’t Ignore Waterproofing

The shower is an environment that requires waterproofing.

You cannot have a situation where water is seeping through the tile into the wall. This is when a considerable amount of damage is done and it is quite difficult to repair.

You will end up having to strip the tile off and work on removing water that has seeped through.

This is why the seal has to be strong.

By going with the 3×6 subway tile in the shower, you are going to have a much stronger waterproof seal. This goes a long way when you are attempting to keep things as safe as possible.

what size subway tile for shower

4. Choose The Right Color

You will want to also think about the type of subway tile you are installing in a shower.

It has to be the right color.

The beauty of subway tile is you are not going to be pushed into a corner when it comes to choosing right. This makes it a lot easier to ensure you get the type of color you are hoping for.

When you go with the right type of color, you will appreciate how it turns out.

Look at the rest of the bathroom and aim to follow the other fixtures. This will create an aesthetically pleasing finish that brings a smile to your face.

Final Thoughts

What size subway tile for a shower?

The right size for subway tile in a shower is 3″ x 6″. This offers a sleek finish that is timeless, easy to maintain, and will be versatile once set up.

Going with other types of subway tile might work but can be much harder to waterproof. You will need to take the time to understand your options and then decide which one is ideal for your tub.

Most property owners lean towards the 3×6 subway tile in the bathroom because it offers a good finish and doesn’t break easily.

When installed by a professional, you are going to see exceptional results right off the bat. In the end, this is what matters the most for a property owner.

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