What Temperature To Wash Bed Sheets? (Answered)

Washing your bed sheets is important but only when done the right way.

This includes understanding how to use the washing machine when it’s time to start cleaning the bed sheets at home.

The first question you will want to ask is, what temperature is best to wash bed sheets?

The best temperature to wash bed sheets is warm. This means washing the bed sheets at 60 degrees Celsius for maximum results. By having it set at this temperature, you hit the right sweet spot where the germs are killed and the sheets don’t wrinkle up.

If you go past this point, it is common for bed sheets to start shrinking and looking odd.

If you stay under this point, it might not kill the bacteria and that’s not ideal for a surface you’re going to be sleeping on.

This article will take a look at how to wash your bed sheets and what temperature is best to wash bed sheets at home.

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What Setting Do You Wash Bed Sheets On?

The best setting to wash bed sheets on is on a hot water setting. This helps kill germs and bacteria without causing wrinkles. It’s best to wash the bed sheets separately to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned.

When washing bed sheets, you should only be using warm water.

This ensures the washing machine does its job and the bed sheets are cleaned as they need to be.

If you attempt to rinse the bed sheets in cold water, they will get cleaned but the bacteria will still be there. It’s important to think about cleaning in greater detail and this includes getting rid of germs.

Have it set on the hot water setting and let it run.

This will help clean the bed sheets and make sure they look the way you want them to once the washing is done.

what temperature to wash bed sheets

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Can You Wash Bed Sheets At 90 Degrees?

You can wash bed sheets at 90 degrees Celsius but it is not recommended. The reason it’s not ideal comes down to wrinkles. The bed sheet will begin to shrink and develop wrinkles that are hard to manage. By washing it at 60 degrees Celsius, you get the best of both worlds and see good results.

This is why it’s important to prioritize how you wash the bed sheets in a washing machine.

Just tossing them in is not enough.

You also have to take the time to understand how the washing machine is going to be set up and what the temperature is going to be when the bed sheets are inside.

If you raise the temperature to 90 degrees Celsius, it might be overwhelming for the bed sheets and cause them to rapidly shrink.

what temperature to wash bed sheets

Can You Put Bed Sheets In The Washing Machine?

You can put bed sheets in the washing machine. Turn on the washing machine, put it on the “hot water” setting, and let it run through the cycle. It’s generally recommended to wash the bed sheets on their own in the machine.

This is the best way to kill germs and make sure the bed sheets are as clean as they need to be.

Final Thoughts

What temperature to wash bed sheets?

The right temperature to wash bed sheets is 60 degrees Celsius. This temperature is ideal because it helps kill germs, avoids shrinkage, and prevents wrinkles. You get to keep the bed sheet clean and it will remain the same size. This is a win-win.

If you overdo the temperature, the bed sheets will shrink right away. If you remain below the ideal temperature, germs will still be there.

This is why 60 degrees Celsius is the way to go.

These are the details to think about when it comes to how you wash bed sheets at home and which temperature is right for your setup.

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