What To Do When New Fridge Is Too Tall?

When you relocate and/or invest in a new fridge, it’s often assumed everything will be a perfect fit. Unfortunately, as some homeowners find out later, it is not always going to work out as intended with the fridge being too big for the space. This is why you will wonder more about what to do when new fridge is too tall.

If a new fridge is too tall, it’s best to remove the cabinet above the fridge and/or relocate it in the kitchen. By removing the cabinet, it will become easier for the fridge to settle into place without ruining the rest of the kitchen’s layout.

This is a decision you are going to have to make after assessing the layout of your kitchen. Each one is going to be different.

Key factors include:

  • Size of the Fridge
  • Amount of Difference
  • Ability to Relocate the Fridge

It’s essential to go through these details as you learn more on what to do when new fridge is too tall. Yes, a fridge might be too tall for your kitchen but that is not the end of the world!

You are going to have a few options up your sleeve in a situation such as this and it comes down to your willingness to work hard on finding a good solution.

This guide will teach you more on what to do when new fridge is too tall along with things to consider during the installation process.

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Things To Do If Your Fridge Is Too Tall

1. Remove the Upper Cabinet

This is the obvious solution and the first one you should consider.

It is quick, offers a long term solution, and isn’t going to ruin the fridge.

In general, what you are going to do is remove the storage space right above the fridge. Most modern kitchens will have a small cabinet that is used to outline the top of the fridge. This is okay when the fridge fits but not so much when it’s too tall!

This is when when you learn more on what to do when new fridge is too tall, it is best to start here.

By removing the upper cabinet, you are going to gain almost a foot of space. For a lot of people, this is more than enough for the fridge to fit nicely.

what to do when new fridge is too tall

2. Relocate the Fridge in the Kitchen

Another option is to think about relocating the fridge.

This means not setting it up where you would naturally inside the kitchen. Instead, you are going to find another open spot to settle the fridge in.

Of course, you will have to make sure the fridge won’t be too tall for that spot.

Certain kitchens will offer an additional spot where the fridge can be inserted and that can be used to fit in a larger fridge.

Please note, this is only going to depend on the layout of your kitchen.

As you learn more on what to do when new fridge is too tall, it is important to measure everything. This is essential before you begin redirecting electrical lines and/or making adjustments to other parts of your kitchen for the new fridge.

what to do when new fridge is too tall

3. Remove the Caps

This is a simple option and one that does work depending on the type of fridge you’re setting up.

The idea is to remove the caps that are running along the top.

These caps are easy to remove and you are going to gain a few inches of space. Sometimes, this is more than enough to get the job done.

Removing the caps will provide a good amount of height and it can be enough for the fridge to fit nicely.

Focus on this as you learn how to fit a tall fridge in your kitchen.

If there are other accessories along the top, you should look to remove them as well.

Related Questions

1. Can You Adjust The Height Of A Refrigerator?

The height of a fridge can be adjusted if it comes with leveling legs. These are height-adjustable legs that can be adjusted with the right tools. Read through the manual to see whether or not this is possible for your model.

2. What To Do If Your Refrigerator Doesn’t Fit?

If your refrigerator doesn’t fit, it’s recommended to remove the upper cabinet. This will provide approximately 6-12″ of additional clearance that’s often enough for the fridge to settle in nicely.

Final Thoughts

This is important information on what to do when new fridge is too tall.

Whether you remove the upper cabinet, get rid of the caps, and/or relocate the fridge, it’s always essential to do what is best for your setting.

This is the only way to ensure the fridge is a perfect fit and the kitchen doesn’t look off.

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