What To Put Behind A Floating Sofa?

Floating sofas are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any living room. However, it is important to understand the flow of your room and how to make sure it doesn’t look odd. If placed improperly without the right accessories, a floating sofa may look off. This is why it is important to think about what to put behind a floating sofa.

When setting up a floating sofa, it’s recommended to consider putting a bench or shelf behind the sofa to make it look like one piece. This will complete the look and ensure the floating sofa doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

Interior design is all about the finer details and this is one of those key aspects you will want to think about.

The main factors include:

  • Amount of Space
  • Color of the Floating Sofa
  • Other Accessories Around the Sofa

As you figure out what to put behind a floating sofa, you will want to take your time going through the overall theme of the room.

This is the only way to make sure you don’t have a floating sofa that looks like it’s on an island of its own!

With this guide, you are going to learn more about what to put behind a floating sofa along with how to make sure it fits your living room.

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Top Items To Put Behind A Floating Sofa

1. Bench

When it comes to a floating sofa, you are going to have several options up your sleeve but a floating bench is always smart.

This is one addition that is going to make a noticeable difference as soon as you set things up.

The bench is great because it will add another spot to sit and it isn’t going to look odd. This is important as you are trying to accessorize the room and complete the look.

A good bench behind your floating sofa is going to ensure the piece doesn’t look out of place. Otherwise, a floating sofa might stand out and look odd.

The goal is to use the bench as a way to make sure the room looks complete.

This is why anything such as an end table and other similar pieces become incredibly important if you are setting up a floating sofa.

What To Put Behind A Floating Sofa

2. Wide Shelf

If you want to add a storage place to your living room, why not set up a wide shelf right behind the floating sofa?

This is a great fit for those wanting to know more about what to put behind a floating sofa.

The wide shelf is great because it can be as wide as the sofa without getting in the way. Most shelves are going to be small and aren’t going to occupy a lot of space while finishing the look at the same time.

This is ideal for those who want to do things the right way and clear up some of the clutter in their living space.

A shelf works well as it lets you store items while also adding the finishing touches to the room at the same time.

The reason a wide shelf behind a floating sofa works well has to do with the balanced look.

It doesn’t look out of place and that is key when you are figuring things out.

3. Small Table

A small table is one of those things that will matter a lot as you are figuring out what to do next. You will want to go with a table that has a lot of see-through space underneath but doesn’t stand out on top of the sofa.

There is a balancing act to be had here.

You should take the time to focus on what to put behind a floating sofa because a good table is going to make a positive difference.

Any small table that is being set up behind a floating sofa should not stick over the sofa. It should be the same height or smaller.

Find a table that is a similar color and works well with the rest of the living space.

This is how you are going to see good visual results.

What To Put Behind A Floating Sofa

Related Questions

1. How Do You Hide the Back of a Sofa?

Hiding the back of the sofa should be done tastefully. This includes something as simple as a console table, wide bench, and/or a shelf to cover space.

2. What Can You Put Between Sofa and Wall?

To cover space between a sofa and wall, it’s best to place something that is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t break the flow of the room. This includes plants, floor displays, floor lamps, and/or shelves.

Final Thoughts

This is key information as you think about what to put behind a floating sofa!

Whether it is a bench or a wide table, the options are out there based on your needs. The goal is to complete the look without creating a small island where the floating sofa seems out of place.

You want to finish the room and that is only going to happen with something nice behind the floating sofa.

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