What To Put In Closet Vs Dresser (Solved)

A home will have two important storage spots. The closet is always going to be priority number one as it offers the most space for a wide array of items.

The second option would be a dresser in the bedroom for items that can’t go in the closet.

If so, you will end up wondering how to divide things. You will want to learn more about what to put in the closet vs a dresser.

It is recommended to put foldable clothes, jewelry, accessories, and other small items in the dresser. Anything that is large or requires hanging such as suits, dresses, jackets, and button-up shirts should be kept in the closet.

Be aware of what will ensure the items preserve their structural integrity.

For example, you don’t want to stuff a suit into a small dresser drawer. Sure, it might work, but it is also going to ruin the suit’s shape!

This article will explain some of the rules to account for when it comes to figuring out what to put in the closet vs a dresser.

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Tips On What To Put In Closet Vs Dresser

1. Foldable Items Go In The Dresser

When learning how to organize clothes in drawers and closets, it’s recommended to better understand which rule of thumb to apply.

For the most part, foldable items should go in the dresser.

It’s easy to put foldable items in a dresser since each drawer is short. This makes it ideal to put items that are not going to get ruined when they are folded.

On the other hand, anything that is going to be hung such as a suit should go into the closet.

Good examples of foldable items would be t-shirts, pajamas, and undergarments.

what to put in closet vs dresser

2. Keep Higher-Value Clothing In The Closet

What about higher-value clothing such as suits, dresses, and button-ups?

You will want to place these items in the closet. The goal is to put the items on a hanger and hang them in the closet to ensure they don’t crease or get ruined.

The last thing you are going to want is for your best suit to become crumpled in a dresser drawer.

It won’t look good nor will it smell nice.

This is why your best items should be kept in the closet where they have enough space to breathe and maintain their natural shape.

3. Consider Frequency Of Use

How often are you going to be using an item?

Many items can go into both the closet and the drawer. A good example of this would be premium t-shirts.

You might have a t-shirt that is only worn to get-togethers. That type of t-shirt should probably go in the closet as it is important to you and should be preserved.

On the other hand, a sleeping t-shirt can be stuffed into the dresser. You can then easily take it out before going to bed at night.

what to put in closet vs dresser

4. Put Larger Items In The Closet

You will likely want to put larger items in the closet.

This is to avoid a situation where you stuff larger items into the dresser drawer and then wonder what ruined their structural integrity.

It is always better to put items in a way where they don’t lose their shape or quality. This is when things go pear-shaped.

Be smart and think about how the items should be kept.

If the item is too big, you might also end up wasting space in the dresser drawer. It is better to maximize that space as that is what a dresser is for.

Dressers can go in closets but it’s recommended to use these in the bedroom. It’s common for dressers to now be a part of the bedroom decor and it makes them far more appealing to be in that part of the room rather than the closet.

In the end, it comes down to the layout of your bedroom and what works best for you.

However, the general rule of thumb is to put the dresser outside the closet in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about as you learn more about what to put in the closet vs a dresser.

You can put foldable clothes, jewelry, accessories, and undergarments in the dresser drawers. For clothes such as suits, button-up shirts, and dressers, it’s best to use a closet to hang them properly.

This is the best way to make sure your organizational decisions don’t end up harming the clothes you are storing.

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