Where Should A Smoke Detector Be Placed In A Bedroom? (Explained)

When setting up a smoke detector in different parts of the house, it’s important to know what the main requirements are.

This is the only way you are going to optimize the smoke detector’s location and ensure it works when it is needed to.

A lot of mistakes can be made during the placement of a smoke alarm in the bedroom, so taking your time with it is a must.

To do this the right way, you will want to ask, where should a smoke detector be placed in a bedroom?

A smoke detector should be placed higher in the bedroom such as on the ceiling or a wall. This provides complete access to the room and allows the smoke alarm to work as designed. The rule of thumb is for the smoke detector to be within 12 inches of the ceiling.

If you follow this rule of thumb, you are going to install the smoke alarm in the bedroom correctly and it will work as intended.

Take your time looking at the layout of the bedroom, go through the various details, and then set it up.

This is important and it is a big part of your room’s safety when everything is done.

This guide will take a look at a few tips on how to set up a smoke detector in a bedroom the right way.

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Tips To Place Smoke Detector In A Bedroom

1. Look For A Higher Spot In The Room

Installing a smoke detector in the bedroom means analyzing the layout of the room and where the alarm will work best.

This can take a bit of time to go through as you assess each spot.

In general, you will want to stick to a higher spot in the bedroom. This can include the ceiling (the most common spot for alarms) or a specific part of the wall.

where should a smoke detector be placed in a bedroom

2. The Alarm Should Not Be Blocked

The one thing you have to remember is to not block the smoke alarm in the bedroom. It should never have something that is right in front of it.

This can include putting it behind a TV that is hanging on the wall or a frame. You will want to make sure it has complete access to the air around it.

This is to ensure it can pick up the smoke before it is too late.

Remember that this is a safety element that should not be hidden. It is something that is a part of all modern homes, so there is no reason to hide it.

3. Stay Within 12 Inches Of The Ceiling

You will always want to remain within a foot of the ceiling.

This is a “high” point that is going to ensure smoke that rises is picked up by the smoke alarm.

If the smoke alarm is too low, it will not pick up on the smoke that is rising. This is dangerous and the last thing you want in the bedroom at home.

Your goal should be to keep this measurement in mind.

This means if it is going on the wall, the top of the smoke alarm should be within 12 inches of the ceiling. If not, you will need to move it closer.

where should a smoke detector be placed in a bedroom

4. Aim For A Central Location In The Room

The last tip is to always look for a central location if you are going to be setting it up on the ceiling.

If it is going on a wall then it will likely be along the sides of the room. However, you should still aim for the middle point of that specific wall.

Do not put the smoke alarm in one corner of the bedroom.

This makes it much harder for the smoke alarm to react quickly when smoke fills the room in the other corner.

This is a detail you have to think about.

Final Thoughts

Where should a smoke detector be placed in a bedroom?

It is best to put a smoke detector on the ceiling or wall in a bedroom. The most common spot is on the ceiling in the center or close to the center of the room. If it is installed on the wall, make sure it is within 12 inches of the ceiling.

This is how you are going to know the smoke detector will pick up smoke as soon as it spreads inside the bedroom.

Your safety is of importance, so the smoke detector has to be installed with this in mind.

Look into this when you are thinking about getting things right.

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