Guide On Where To Hang Bath Mat To Dry

When you wash a bath mat, it’s important to let it hang in the right spot.

This ensures the moisture is removed from the bath mat and any lingering bacteria present on the surface is eliminated.

Most people will take the time to set up the bath mat in a place where there’s sun streaming in. The sun can help get rid of the bacteria that is on the surface of the bath mat.

However, you will want to dig deeper into this when finding out where to hang a bath mat to dry.

The best places to hang a bath mat to dry include the shower rod, wall hook, or near a window with the sun streaming in. These are ideal spots as they let the bath mat dry over time.

In some places, people will hang the bath mats outdoors.

You can do this if it is out of the way and outdoor debris is not going to get onto the bath mat.

This guide will take a look at how to hang a bath mat to dry the right way.

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How To Hang Bath Mat To Dry

1. Shower Enclosure

Using a shower mat hanger is often an option for people that want to know where to hang a bath mat to dry.

The idea is to have a spot near the shower that can be used to hang the mat.

You don’t need to take it out of the bathroom if you don’t want to. Most bath mats will do well in this type of setting and can be hung up on the shower rod if necessary.

It comes down to what you want and how quickly you wish for the bath mat to dry.

If you hang a bath mat on the shower rod, it is going to take a longer time to dry due to the amount of moisture that is in the bathroom.

where to hang bath mat to dry

2. Near a Window

When learning how to dry a rubber bath mat, you will want to find a spot that is safe and effective.

This can be a spot near the window.

The reason to hang a bath mat near a window comes down to the sun. You are going to have the sun streaming in and that can expedite the drying process.

You will let the sun do the work and that is going to ensure the bath mat dries the way you want it to.

Look into finding a spot that does this for you.

3. Wall Hooks

Another spot to hang your bath mat is on a wall hook.

The wall hook is good because it can be anywhere in the house and it will ensure the bath mat has access to dry air.

This will allow it to slowly dry as a towel would.

Just find a wall hook that is out of the way and is going to be set at room temperature. You don’t want the wall hook to be in a colder part of the house as that is going to cause the bath mat to shrivel up.

This can look ungainly and not something you want for a bath mat!

where to hang bath mat to dry

How Can I Make My Mat Dry Faster?

You can make a mat dry faster by placing it on a shower rod, creating airflow using a fan, or blow-drying it. It’s recommended to find a spot that’s unobstructed to hang the bath mat up.

This will ensure the bath mat dries quickly and effectively.

If there’s substantial airflow in the room, it’s a lot easier to see results. You will feel in control of the drying process.

Are You Supposed To Hang Bath Mats?

You are supposed to hang bath mats on a shower rod, wall hook, or clothesline. The goal is to hang the bath mat in a place where there’s constant airflow. This helps expedite the drying process without compromising the bath mat’s cleanliness.

Final Thoughts

These are the tops on where to hang a bath mat to dry.

When finding the right place to hang a bath mat to dry, it’s recommended to consider a shower rod, wall hook, or spot close to a window. This can help expedite how a bath mat dries.

If you want to keep things simple, you can always hang the bath mat on a shower rod and let it sit there for as long as it needs to.

This is a good spot and it will dry out the bath mat in a few hours.

If you want to speed things up, using a fan or hairdryer can get the job done too.

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