Where To Put TV In Living Room With Bay Window? (Helpful Tips!)

Your TV can often define how a living room looks and functions.

Most people are going to spend a lot of time in this part of the home and it needs to be set up optimally. This includes taking the time to figure out where to put tv in the living room with a bay window.

It’s best to place a TV along the side wall in a living room with a bay window. This ensures the natural light doesn’t produce glare that harms the TV’s performance.

If you try placing the TV in front of the bay window, the glare is going to make it difficult to watch. This not only ruins the TV’s clarity but also can harm your eyes when the sun is beaming in.

It’s smarter to have the TV set up along one of the side walls.

This will ensure the bay window is still noticeable but the TV can function as intended. This article will take a look at a few tips to focus on when it comes to placing a TV in a living room with a bay window.

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Tips On Where To Put TV In A Living Room With Bay Window

1. Side Wall Only

You should only set up the TV in front of a side wall.

The reason for doing this is to make sure natural light doesn’t hamper your viewing experience. The TV is going to be watched all the time and glare from the light will make it difficult to do so.

The goal is to have the TV set up in a way where it is not going to be hampered by the light at all. This is a must.

If you take the time to do this, the viewing angle will be good and it’s going to look the way you want it to.

The rest of the room is also going to open up by doing this, which is an added advantage.

where to put tv in the living room with a bay window

2. Block the Light

In some cases, you are not going to have enough space to put the TV along a sidewall. This is going to depend on the layout of the living room.

For most homeowners, the next step is to block the natural light or to have an option to do this in seconds.

A good example would be California shutters for the window. This will ensure the light can be blocked whenever you feel it is necessary.

Using shutters or any type of window treatment is good when it comes to setting up a TV near a bay window.

If you are not willing to splurge on shutters, you can look at other alternatives to block the light including heavier curtains.

It comes down to making sure the light is blocked a little bit to make it easier to watch the TV. Otherwise, the glare will become quite noticeable.

where to put tv in the living room with a bay window

3. Don’t Make Bay Window a Focal Point

You will want to ensure the bay window is not the focal point of how the living room is set up.

This is a common mistake homeowners make and it can start to take away from the TV’s performance.

Your goal should be to have the entire living room flow together. This means the focal point should be the furniture or the coffee table with everything around these items matching the overall theme of the room.

This is a must.

The seats should be aligned to make sure conversations are possible between everyone and the TV should be easy to see. Don’t make the bay window a focal point.

if you don’t do this, the room is going to be out of sync.

Bay windows are gorgeous but they will stand out regardless of what you do with the rest of the living room.

This is why your focus should be on the other elements such as the TV or furniture.

Related Questions

1. How Do You Place Furniture In A Living Room With A Bay Window?

The best strategy is to place the furniture closer to the center of the room. This opens up space and allows the bay window to shine off to the side. It’s also recommended to ensure the seating is designed with everyone facing each other. This makes it a more functional space for real-life use.

2. Can You Put A TV In Front Of A Bay Window?

You should not put a TV in front of a bay window. This will lead to natural light obstructing your viewing angle from in front of the TV. Due to the sheer size of the window, this will lead to a considerable amount of light filtering in.

Final Thoughts

Focus on these tips on where to put tv in the living room with a bay window.

The best place to put a TV in a living room with a bay window is in front of or on one of the side walls. This ensures the light doesn’t obstruct the TV’s performance when a person sits down to watch.

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