Where To Put TV In Living Room With Lots Of Windows? (Helpful Tips!)

The TV in your living room is one of the most important entertainment investments you’re going to make.

Most people sit here and will watch movies, sports, and TV shows all the time. It is a spot for family, friends, and guests to enjoy watching TV.

This is why it becomes important to set things the right way. This includes finding out where to put tv in living room with lots of windows.

The best place to put a TV in a living room with lots of windows is to the left or right. Do not place the TV in front of the windows or facing the windows. This will lead to glare-related issues that can ruin the viewing experience.

If possible, you should be looking to add window treatments to help block the glare. This is the only way you can set up a TV in front of the windows.

Otherwise, your viewing experience is going to be ruined completely.

Here is a look at a few tips as you figure out where to put tv in a living room with lots of windows.

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Tips On Where To Put TV In A Living Room With Lots Of Windows

1. Left or Right Wall

The best approach to placing a TV in a room with windows is in front of the side walls.

Assuming you have a square or rectangular room, you want to avoid the walls with the windows or across the windows.

These are the wrong walls for the TV because of the natural light coming in. The glare will be difficult to tolerate and will ruin your ability to watch the TV you have invested in.

This is why the best course of action is to look at the other two walls in the room. If you only have a third wall then that is where you are going to place the TV.

Each layout is going to be unique and that’s okay.

Just adapt to what you have to work with but make sure the TV is out of the way. This will ensure the light coming in from the windows will not ruin your ability to watch the TV.

 where to put tv in a living room with lots of windows

2. Use Window Treatments

Window treatments are a good long-term solution for this issue.

You will gain more control by doing this and it will also beautify the living room at the same time. The goal here is to invest in shutters or shades to help reduce the amount of natural light coming into the room during the day.

Just by doing this, you are going to cut enough natural light to make sure the TV’s viewing angles aren’t ruined.

Shutters tend to do a good job of blocking light and make it easier to ensure the viewing angle of the TV isn’t compromised.

This can be a sizeable investment but it will add to the value of your property.

It is also going to have a noticeable benefit when it comes to overall flexibility. In this case, you can essentially set up the TV wherever you like based on how the room should be designed.

This opens up loads of possibilities.

 where to put tv in a living room with lots of windows

3. Don’t Block the Windows

Blocking the window with your TV is not a good idea.

It is best to place the TV on one of the side walls instead. This will ensure your windows still get the opportunity to stand out and be a part of the living room.

Blocking the windows can take away from the aesthetic of the room and also have the sun pointing at your eyes when watching TV.

Putting the TV in front of the windows will also make it difficult to watch TV.

The light coming in will become difficult to tolerate and you are not going to have a fun time watching for long hours.

Related Questions

1. Is It A Bad Idea To Put A TV In Front Of A Window?

It is a bad idea to put a TV in front of a window. This can compromise the TV’s viewing quality as the natural lighting streaming in will go directly in the viewer’s eyes. It’s best to place the TV away from the window and/or invest in high-grade window treatments.

2. How Do You Style A Living Room With Lots Of Windows?

The best way to style a living room with lots of windows is to place the furniture closer to the center of the room. The sides can be used for the TV, storage options, and/or any furnishing that is going to add to the aesthetic of the living space.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips on where to put tv in a living room with lots of windows.

Whether it is investing in window treatments or placing the TV in front of a side wall, it’s important to not have the viewing angle compromised by natural light.

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