Which Direction Should Your Bed Face?

When setting up a bedroom, you are going to come across a number of questions and some will determine the overall layout of the room. It’s important to ask these questions, so the bedroom looks the way you want it to. The first question is, which direction should your bed face?

The direction of the bed should face towards the door or towards an empty wall. In general, it’s not recommended to have the headboard in line with the door. This is unsafe and might look out of place when decorating the room.

In the end, it is all about preference when it comes to the direction of your bed in the bedroom.

The factors include:

  • Placement of the Door
  • Placement of the Window
  • Size of the Bedroom

All of these factors will play a role in answering the question, “Which direction should your bed face?”

You should take the time to look at the layout of the room and place the bed based on which option is going to open up space. The more space you create, the better it’s going to look for those walking in.

This guide is going to break down the question, “Which direction should your bed face?” while determining how you can find the right option for your bedroom.

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Tips On Choosing The Direction Of Your Bed

1. Measure the Room

When starting off, you will want to measure the room.

This means both the length and width of the room. In some cases, you may also have to think about the height if there are elevated parts that are higher than the rest.

The idea of measuring the room is to get a read on whether or not a side of the room is longer than the other (i.e. rectangular).

If it is rectangular then you will want to have the headboard along the longest side of the room. This will open up more space and will be ideal for how the bed is placed. You should always measure the room for this reason alone!

Which Direction Should Your Bed Face

2. Don’t Line Up With The Door

When asking “Which direction should your bed face?” you will want to avoid lining the bed with the door.

This isn’t going to look good and it isn’t in line with modern standards.

Yes, it can be done but it is also one that is known for being a security risk.

There is a safety perspective to take into consideration when having a bed in line with the door. It makes it harder to stay safe in case of an intruder as you are right next to the doorway.

It is better to look to go with one of the other walls that are away from the door. This is going to allow better access to the door from all sides of the bed.

If you push it in line with the door, it is going to throw off the entire bedroom and its decor.

Which Direction Should Your Bed Face

3. Aim for an Empty Wall

You will be better off by setting the headboard along an empty wall.

Now, this is not a mandatory rule and many people do place their headboards in front of a window. However, this will require more work on your part depending on how the rest of the layout is.

Take your time when deciding how to place the headboard and which direction the bed should face.

Empty walls for the headboard are much easier to design and can simplify the overall look of the room.

By finding an empty wall on the longer side of the bedroom, you are going to have a much more appropriate layout.

It will look good from all angles.

Related Questions

1. Is It Bad To Sleep Facing North?

Sleeping North is commonly seen as being the best way to sleep in many cultures. It’s deemed to be a sign of tranquility, oneness, and calmness. In general, the direction of how you sleep is more dependent on your sleeping environment more than the direction itself.

Final Thoughts

Which direction should your bed face?

There is nothing worse than choosing the wrong direction when it comes to your bed. You want to ensure it faces the right direction and this will only happen when you incorporate the tips mentioned above.

By asking “Which direction should your bed face?” you are already trending down the right path. Just continue to analyze the layout of your bedroom and make sure to try out different settings. Sometimes, the first one won’t click but the others will.

It’s all about experimenting when it comes to choosing the direction for your bed in a bedroom.

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