Which Reproduction Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman To Buy? (Helpful Tips!)

The reproduction Eames lounge chair and ottoman combination is a fascinating addition to any modern living room.

It’s comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and offers a unique touch to the space.

However, before you start looking at the different sets, it’s important to know what to look for. This begins by figuring out which reproduction Eames lounge chair and ottoman to buy.

The best reproduction Eames lounge chair and ottoman to buy is one that’s the perfect size, fits the harmony of your living room, and is made of 100% full-grain leather. This ensures the combination will age gracefully and look aesthetically appealing for years to come.

Since it’s a sizable investment, you will not want to compromise on what you’re buying.

This is why anyone that is looking to buy a reproduction Eames lounge chair and ottoman take their time going through the different options. This article will showcase a few tips on what to consider when searching for an Eames chair replica.

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Tips For Buying Reproduction Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman

1. Choose Between Sizes

When looking to buy an Eames lounge chair replica, it’s important to focus on the sizing.

Most brands offer a regular and tall version.

In general, the regular version might not be a conducive fit for those taller than 5’9″. It can become cramped and that’s why most people will prefer to go with the tall version as it is more noticeable and offers enough space for people of all sizes to sit.

You have to think about the long term when choosing between the different sizes. In this case, sizing up is a must.

The best Eames chair replica will be one that is well-made and the right size. If you go with a world-class replica but it’s the wrong size, the results will not yield the value you’re after.

It’s best to start with the size of your reproduction Eames lounge chair and then consider the other factors. If the size isn’t good enough, you will stop using the chair after a while.

It can also place the chair at risk due to the tension that’s put on it when a person sits on it. This is common when a large person sits on a smaller chair. It will begin to break down.

which reproduction Eames lounge chair and ottoman to buy

2. Look at the Theme of Your Room

The best Eames lounge chair replica is one that is going to be in sync with the rest of the room. This means you take into account what the underlying theme is and how the chair will fit in.

Purchasing a replica of the Eames lounge chair is wonderful but it has to work with your living space. Otherwise, it will stand out like a sore thumb!

Consider the different options to make sure you end up with something that’s suitable from all angles. This is a must.

3. Go With Full-Grain Leather

With the Eames lounge chair reproduction selection, it’s all about the material.

You are going to want a chair that matches what you are expecting from a replica. This is where the leather has to be crisp, refined, and in line with industry standards.

With this in mind, you are not going to be disappointed with what the right Eames replica lounge chair and ottoman will bring to your living space.

Always go with a 100% full-grain leather set to ensure you enjoy sitting on it throughout the day. Anything short of this is not going to satisfy you.

which reproduction Eames lounge chair and ottoman to buy

4. Authenticity is Key

You will not want to spend $5,000 on the original but that doesn’t mean authenticity is a bad thing.

You should be looking for copies of the Eames lounge chair that are aesthetically pleasing and use high-grade materials. This does matter as a solution being marketed to the masses has to still appeal to their underlying requirements.

This includes the materials being used, the overall look of the Eames lounge chair, and how it all goes together.

Don’t settle for a mediocre solution that is not going to be in line with what you want as a buyer.

Final Thoughts

Follow the tips listed here on which reproduction Eames lounge chair and ottoman to buy.

When finding the right reproduction Eames lounge chair and ottoman to buy, it’s best to choose one made of 100% full-grain leather with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Buy a reproduction Eames lounge chair that has all the requirements necessary to comfort you. Remember, this chair is going to be used to relax and it needs to feel good when you sit. Otherwise, it will become a showpiece and that’s not always ideal.

Even if you can’t go for an original piece, you should continue to search for a replica that’s beautiful.

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