Which Side Of Foam Carpet Pad Goes Up? (Solved!)

Padding is important when setting up a foam carpet.

These carpets will look beautiful but you will want to ensure they are comfortable, durable, and don’t move around.

To do this, you are going to want to buy a good foam carpet pad. With a simple addition such as this, you are going to increase the lifespan of the foam carpet and make sure it functions the way it is supposed to in the room.

A question that will come up when you buy a pad is, which side of the foam carpet pad goes up?

When placing a foam carpet pad, the smooth side will go up facing the bottom of the carpet. This side will help cushion the carpet and ensure it doesn’t move. The other side of the pad is designed to offer additional grip against the floor.

If you swap the sides, it might take away from the foam carpet pad’s efficiency.

This article will look at a few tips on how to set up a new foam carpet pad at home and what not to do.

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Tips For Using Foam Carpet Pad

1. Smooth Side Goes Up

You will want to start by keeping the smooth side up with your carpet pad.

The reason for doing this is due to the smooth side cushioning the carpet. You don’t want the rougher side to go against the carpet as this will take away from the pad’s efficiency and general utility.

The rough side is supposed to sit against the floor providing grip. This ensures the carpet doesn’t move and it remains stable at all times.

While the smoother side of the foam carpet pad will help protect the bottom of the carpet. This is key in increasing the longevity of the carpet as it begins to age. When the wrong side of the pad sits against the carpet, it can start to tear at the bottom of the material.

This is dangerous and it is going to take away from the value of your carpet.

Take the time to pay attention to which side is smooth and which is not before getting started. This is a must.

which side of foam carpet pad goes up

2. Keep It Centered

You will want to keep the foam carpet pad centered to the best of your ability.

The goal is to take the carpet pad and make sure it is set up in a way that is optimal for the carpet. You don’t want it to feel weird as you walk on the top because it will be noticeable when the carpet pad is off-center.

This is all about comfort and longevity, which is why you should take a look at it in detail.

If the foam carpet pad is smaller than the carpet, it should always be centered to maintain even distribution from one side to the other.

It is also smart to measure the foam carpet pad beforehand.

This will let you know not only which side should go up but also how the carpet pad should be laid down.

This is essential when it comes to getting it right so you don’t have to remove the carpet all over again later on.

which side of foam carpet pad goes up

3. Remove Bubbles or Wrinkles

A common concern with carpets is wrinkling.

You don’t want the carpet pad to be the reason for these wrinkles developing. If the carpet pad is not laid smoothly, it is going to be noticeable when you walk on the carpet.

Carpets do get damaged when the foam carpet pad is not laid properly. This is often due to the bumps or wrinkles that are present underneath.

It’s often assumed those wrinkles will straighten out on their own and that is a myth.

They are not going to straighten out and in fact, they might bunch up even more! This is why it’s essential to straighten everything and make sure it works as intended.

If not, your carpet pad is going to take away from how comfortable the carpet is.

1. Which Side Of Foam Pad Goes Down?

The rougher side of the foam pad goes down when setting it up. This is to ensure the pad provides grip against the floor and helps cushion the carpet.

2. Does The Mesh Side Of Carpet Pad Go Up Or Down?

The mesh side of a carpet pad is supposed to go up. This will help protect both the pad and the carpet while ensuring it lasts for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Which side of the foam carpet pad goes up?

The smooth side of a foam carpet pad is supposed to go up. This is to nestle the carpet and keep it protected when a person walks on top of the carpet.

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