Which Way Should A Fridge Door Open?

When setting up a fridge, it is often important to look at a wide array of factors. Most people will only think about the amount of space inside, the general look of the fridge, and/or how much power it produces. However, it is also important to think about the physical details such as the way a fridge door opens. You will want to ask, which way should a fridge door open?

A fridge door can open both from the left or right side. There is no right or wrong way for a fridge to open as long as the mechanism is uninterrupted and doesn’t damage the fridge itself.

This is something homeowners do deal with depending on the rest of the kitchen.

Key factors include:

  • The Layout of the Kitchen
  • Type of Fridge
  • Size of the Kitchen

In most situations, the fridge door is going to open to the right. However, this is not always the right fit for your kitchen as it may be cramped to that side with a wall.

As a result, you are going to wonder, “Which way should a fridge door open?” and rightly so!

You can have the fridge door open in any direction and not worry that it is going to look odd. There are all types of fridges out on the open market and it comes down to what you prefer as a homeowner.

This article will dive into answering “Which way should a fridge door open?” while also focusing on factors to keep in mind when changing the way a fridge door opens at home.

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Tips On Choosing How A Fridge Door Opens

1. Size of the Kitchen

It is best to start with a foundational factor when it comes to how a fridge door should open.

You will want to focus on the size of your kitchen.

The reason for this is to learn more about where the fridge is going on and how the fridge door may get in the way of your ability to move around. You don’t want a situation where the fridge door makes it impossible to walk in your kitchen as long as it is open!

This is why it’s smart to ask “Which way should a fridge door open?” and make sure you are accounting for the overall size of your kitchen.

which way should a fridge door open?

2. Location of the Fridge

You will also want to think about where the fridge is placed inside the kitchen.

For example, a fridge that is right up against a wall on one side could become a real problem if the door opens the wrong way.

It’s best to have the fridge door open away from the wall to ensure it doesn’t impede your ability to take food out when necessary.

You will want to make sure the door swings to the side that is away from the wall or another appliance.

This matters a lot in a small-sized kitchen and it is something to account for.

which way should a fridge door open?

3. General Usability

You will want to think about general usability when it comes to the question “Which way should a fridge door open?” because it does matter a lot.

You don’t want a situation where the fridge is impossible to use.

This becomes a serious problem over the long haul because you won’t want to open the fridge door at all!

It is smarter to have the fridge door open and get out of the way as soon as you are ready to take out food.

A fridge can become unusable when it is not in the right spot and the door doesn’t open all the way.

The moment a fridge becomes unusable, you are going to have to switch the door out.

This is not something the average homeowner will want to deal with, so quickly switch how the door opens and make sure the change is done right away.

Related Questions

1. How Much Clearance Do You Need To Open A Refrigerator Door?

A refrigerator door should have enough clearance for the door to open all the way without being impeded. It should not come in contact with the wall or countertop at any stage even if it is swung all the way open.

2. How Do You Determine The Swing Of A Refrigerator Door?

A refrigerator door swings based on the placement of the hinge and door handle. If the hinge is to the right, it will open towards the left and vice versa.

Final Thoughts

“Which way should a fridge door open?”

In general, a fridge door should open the way you want it to. This means it should open based on the layout of your kitchen and works best to keep the door out of the way without it banging against the wall or other parts of the room.

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