Why Is Whirlpool Fridge Door Open Light Flashing? (Answered!)

If you see a Whirlpool fridge light flickering, it’s important to inspect what’s going on.

This is a common issue and one that is not going to damage the appliance as long as the change is made quickly.

Before making a change, you have to know why the Whirlpool fridge door open light is flashing.

A Whirlpool fridge door open light will flash when it is losing power to the module. This is often a sign the light is on its last legs and has to be replaced similar to a traditional light bulb. To do so, remove the light module and replace it with a new one.

The replacement process is easy to do and will only take a few minutes.

You are highly recommended to do it patiently and make sure the wiring is in place before installing the new module.

This article will dig deeper into this subject and show you how to fix a fridge light in minutes.

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How To Fix Whirlpool Fridge Door Open Light When Flashing

1. Remove The Light Cover

The first is to remove the Whirlpool refrigerator door light cover.

There is a cover that is set up and it holds the light inside it. You will want to remove it to uncover the wiring and make sure you have access to the module.

It is going to vary in each model, but most Whirlpool fridge door lights have a glass cover that goes on top of the light.

To remove the fridge door light cover, you will want to grab a screwdriver.

There will likely be two screws that are holding the light cover but this will again depend on the model.

Take off the screws and make sure to put them somewhere safe. You are going to need them later to put the cover back on.

2. Pull The Light Module Down

Now you are going to have complete access to the light module inside.

This light module houses the bulbs that help illuminate the fridge. If the Whirlpool fridge door light is flickering, this means something is wrong with the light module.

In most cases, the bulbs will die out but there are times when the connection has broken down. You will want to find the seam along the top of the light module and pull it down. It should come out easily once you pull on it.

Do not use too much force as the module is still connected to the cables inside.

If you yank the light module, the cables might tear and that is going to lead to additional repair work. Be careful and methodical with what you are doing when repairing a fridge door light at home.

3. Install The Replacement Module

It is important to note, you will have to go out and find a replacement module for the Whirlpool fridge door light.

The goal is to replace the light with a model-specific module. This is the only way it is going to be a seamless fit and the light is going to work properly once connected to the cables.

When you are setting up the replacement light module in the fridge make sure to put it the same way as the previous module. Otherwise, the fridge door light will continue to flicker.

The connection has to be perfect for the results to come through as you want them to.

whirlpool fridge door open light flashing

4. Test The Light

The last step is to put on the light cover with the screws in your possession.

Make sure the cover is in place properly and then test the light. This can be done by closing the fridge and opening it again.

If it still has issues, you might want to unplug the fridge to see if that helps. Sometimes, the appliance is going to need to be reset and then it will function as required.

You should wait a few minutes before plugging it back in.

For the most part, just changing the light module in a fridge will be enough to get the job done.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips to focus on when the whirlpool fridge door open light is flashing.

If a Whirlpool fridge door open light is flashing or flickering, this means the light module has broken down and needs to be replaced. Buy a new light module and replace it to get the light working again. This is a simple process. Remove the cover, take out the damaged light module, and put in the new one.

This is a must if you want the fridge door open light to work properly.

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