Whirlpool Stainless Steel Vs Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel (Compared)

Choosing the right type of stainless steel is critical for your kitchen.

You don’t want to use something ineffective, unappealing, or doesn’t age the right way.

When looking at different options, you are going to want to compare Whirlpool stainless steel vs fingerprint-resistant stainless steel to know what the differences are.

Whirlpool stainless steel is sleek, comes in different shades, and offers a reflective surface. In comparison, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel prevents smudging, offers a matte finish, and has a classic appearance.

It is important to note that both types of stainless steel are useful. It will come down to what fits best in your kitchen.

Some people will prefer Whirlpool’s stainless steel since it has a sleek, modern design. While others will want a more traditional stainless steel look that is fingerprint-resistant.

This is often important if you have a lot of people using the appliance during the day. Those fingerprints do add up!

This article will compare Whirlpool stainless steel vs fingerprint-resistant stainless steel to take a better look at what is right for your home.

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Comparing Whirlpool Stainless Steel Vs Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel

1. Fingerprints

It starts with the fingerprints.

Whirlpool stainless steel is good for managing all types of smudging, but it’s not as effective as fingerprint-resistant stainless steel.

This type of stainless steel is specifically engineered to prevent marks and/or stains on the surface.

If you are in a high-traffic home, you will know how the fingerprints can add up. It’s not a pleasant sight to look at and you will need to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Rather than having to clean the surface a lot, why not go with something that is already prepared to handle fingerprints?

Whirlpool stainless steel is difficult to manage when it comes to fingerprints. It will not work as well even though it’s not going to get to the point of being dirty.

whirlpool stainless steel vs fingerprint-resistant stainless steel

2. Glossy Vs. Matte

You will also want to consider the overall finish of the appliance.

Whirlpool stainless steel has a more glossy finish. This also doesn’t help with the fingerprints because the glossier finish can put light on the fingerprints.

On the other hand, the matte finish of traditional stainless steel is a lot better. It helps with fingerprints and also ensures you don’t see marks from afar.

The matte finish tends to do a lot better in brighter kitchens because the surface is not as reflective.

This is an important detail to think about as a property owner.

3. Colors And Shades

When you are looking at Whirlpool stainless steel, you will be accessing a wide array of designs and options.

This includes different types of colors that allow you to personalize the space as you want to. It is never a bad idea to look into these options to see what works for your home.

On the other hand, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel will not have the same options. You might end up being restricted to a few options.

Look into this when you are choosing between options and looking for something that is fine-tuned to meet your needs.

whirlpool stainless steel vs fingerprint-resistant stainless steel

4. Effectiveness In High-Traffic Areas

How many people are going to be using the appliance?

If there are only 2-3 people in the home, it is not likely going to be an issue. The fingerprints are not going to be a common issue and you will have little trouble managing the situation.

This is ideal when it comes to doing things the right way.

When there are a lot of people in the house, it becomes important to think about fingerprints. You don’t want a situation where there are fingerprints on all parts of the appliance because of how much it’s being touched.

This is doubly important with appliances such as fridges, ovens, and/or dishwashers.

Final Thoughts

It is these differences that will help shed a light on the Whirlpool stainless steel vs fingerprint-resistant stainless steel topic.

Whirlpool stainless steel tends to have a glossy finish, comes in different colors or shades, and is sleek. In comparison, the fingerprint-resistant stainless steel is great for handling stains or marks, has a matte finish, and provides a more traditional design.

It’s best to look at your options and then choose what works well for your kitchen. This includes how you are going to use the appliance during the day.

Until you do this, you are not going to find the type of stainless steel that’s going to work out well.

For example, a person that has loads of people in the home will have a different viewpoint than someone with only 1-2 people using the appliance. Look into these details before deciding one way or the other.

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