Whirlpool Washing Machine Is Leaking Oil (Fixed)

Dealing with leaking oil in a washing machine can be challenging.

You will need to find the oil seal, figure out what is happening, and how to fix it. This creates an urgency that will cause you to want to find the issue as soon as possible.

If the Whirlpool washing machine is leaking, you will want to focus on a complete assessment of the machine.

If the Whirlpool washing machine is leaking, start by disconnecting the washer and unscrewing the top control panel to remove the cover. Once done, remove the capacitor and its wiring to reveal the oil seal behind it. Replace this oil seal with a compatible alternative.

A washing machine transmission oil leak does happen and it is common with older appliances.

This article is going to look at the ins and outs of a Whirlpool washing machine that’s leaking and what to do about it as soon as it becomes an issue.

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How To Fix A Whirlpool Washing Machine Leaking Oil

1. Disconnect The Washer

If the washing machine is leaking yellow fluid, you cannot keep using the machine in its current state.

This is risky and it could damage the washing machine for good.

As a result, you will want to act fast and immediately disconnect the washing machine. This will ensure there is no power going to the washer and you can take the time to diagnose what is happening inside the appliance.

When you have disconnected the washing machine, it’s time to pull the machine out. This is going to let you see what is happening behind it and how to approach it to make sure things don’t worsen as time goes on.

2. Open Control Panel On Top

You will now want to look at the control panel on top.

This is where the buttons are.

This is important as you are going to want to open up this part of the machine. To do this, you are going to look for the screws going into the control panel’s cover to find out how to unscrew it.

When you have found those screws, it’s time to open up the control panel.

Keep the screws aside for later as you are going to need them to put the panel back into place.

When the cover has been removed, you are now going to have time to see what is happening inside including where the capacitor is.

3. Remove The Capacitor To Access The Oil Seal

The capacitor is what you are going to want to find inside the washing machine.

It is going to be a square part, which is going to be thick in build. It will be connected to wiring from one side and is going to have brackets holding it in place.

You will want to start by removing those brackets to loosen the part.

Be patient while doing this and ensure all of the electrical wiring has been disconnected too. This is going to allow you to take the part out of the way.

4. Replace The Oil Seal

The last step is to replace the oil seal.

The oil seal is going to be noticeable as it will have yellow fluid around it. You will notice this due to the leaking that is happening.

It is best to follow the source of the leak when you are trying to find where the oil is coming from.

In general, the seal is going to be damaged and your only option will be to replace it as soon as you can.

Before opening the washing machine, it is good to go out and find a compatible alternative. In rare cases, it is possible to tighten the seal and that will do the job but it is not a recommended solution.

It is better to replace it right away to not have to fret about it later.

Final Thoughts

Look into these tips while learning how to fix a Whirlpool washing machine leaking oil.

If a Whirlpool washing machine is leaking oil, it is best to disconnect the washer immediately. Next, unscrew the top control panel and set it aside. Once done, take out the capacitor by unscrewing its bracket and replace the oil seal behind it.

While each machine is going to have a different layout, the oil seal should be there.

It is best to make sure you follow where the liquid is coming from as that is the best way to get to the seal immediately.

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