Can I Use White Lithium Grease On Plastic? (Answered)

White lithium grease comes in an aerosol can and is a well-appreciated lubricant among experts. It’s noted as a high-grade lubricant that is used for a wide array of metal-based applications.

The most common reaction associated with this lubricant is what is known as the “thickening” effect, which entails a robust surface once this is sprayed.

While most people are aware of using white lithium grease on metal, is it something you can utilize on other materials? For example, can you use white lithium grease on plastic?

You cannot use white lithium grease on plastic. By spraying this type of grease on plastic, you will expedite the decaying process. In essence, this does the opposite of what it’s intended for when used on plastic.

Look for other types of grease when dealing with plastic.

Leave white lithium grease for metal where it will perform well and offer the type of results you’re after as a user.

This guide will explain some of the issues involving white lithium grease on plastic and why it’s a bad idea.

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Reasons To Not Use White Lithium Grease On Plastic

1. Causes Deterioration Of Plastic

When using grease for plastic gears, you will not want to use white lithium grease.

It comes down to the deterioration of the surface.

Let’s assume you have a plastic surface that needs to be greased. You will apply white lithium grease on it and immediately notice the surface texture change for the worse. It will become sticky, unclean, and simply odd.

This is due to the white lithium grease not adhering to the surface and not providing the finish you’re looking for.

This is why anyone that looks to apply grease to plastic will look for other options such as silicone grease.

When you put white lithium grease on plastic, it will immediately begin to deteriorate and this process will not slow over time. It is going to get exponentially worse as the grease settles in.

This is why it’s recommended to take your time and find the best lubricant for plastic before moving forward with a project such as this one.

white lithium grease on plastic

2. Ruins The Surface

When it comes to white lithium grease uses, you are going to wonder whether or not plastic is a good fit.

It is not.

The grease is going to noticeably ruin the surface.

This happens because the grease is not going to adhere to the surface as it should. This means it will not lubricate the plastic properly and lead to subpar results.

Your best option is to look at alternatives that are known to work well with plastic, which would include silicone grease.

3. Inefficient Performance

In the end, you are going to want something that will perform well.

This is one of the biggest concerns a person will have when applying grease on a plastic surface.

You will want it to lubricate properly and that doesn’t happen unless the grease is the right fit for your needs.

In most cases, only the right type of grease will work. Anything else is going to be inefficient and that is what happens with white lithium grease.

It doesn’t offer an even finish and it will expedite the deterioration phase.

This is why you have to be selective when it comes to using grease on plastic and which one you decide to go with.

white lithium grease on plastic

What Kind Of Grease Is Safe For Plastic?

The best kind of grease for plastic is silicone grease. This will adhere to the surface, offer an even finish, and lubricate as required. Other types of grease are unsafe and will not offer the same type of quality.

Whenever you are looking for a grease that’s safe for plastic, it’s best to choose a high-grade silicone grease.

This will offer great results and it will be easy to apply as well.

This can save you a lot of time during the application process while reducing the amount used per application.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons you can’t use white lithium grease on plastic.

You cannot use white lithium grease on plastic because it will expedite the deterioration process and harm the plastic surface. It’s better to use silicone grease for plastic as it will offer far better results and a smoother finish.

Look to choose a lubricant that’s safe as that will make a real difference when it’s time to find a good fit.

White lithium grease is not an ideal fit and will not work the way you want it to.

Keep this type of grease for metal surfaces.

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