Why Are Microwave Doors So Loud (Explained!)

Microwave doors can be loud and the noise can spread throughout the kitchen.

The average person will ignore this noise because they’ve gotten used to it. This is something most people associate with microwave doors. However, why are microwave doors so loud?

Microwave doors are loud because there’s a specialized latch mechanism inside the trim panel. Each latch has a dedicated spring. This spring can become hard with time, which causes the “snap” sound most people associate with microwave doors.

In most cases, microwave doors are always going to be noisy. It’s common for this to occur and it’s something you will get used to.

For those who don’t like this sound, you will want to look at ways to reduce how loud a microwave door is.

This article will shed light on a few tips that can help reduce a microwave door’s sound right away.

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Tips For Reducing Microwave Door Noise

1. Hold the Latch While Closing the Door

This is a simple solution.

You will want to hold the latch while closing the door.

This means you will want to press the latch with your hand and slowly bring the door closer to the unit. This has to be done slowly to make sure the “snap” sound is not as loud as it normally would be.

You will want to press the door in while keeping the thumb on the latch. Don’t let go.

When the door is fully closed, this is when you are going to let the latch go. This can often reduce the sound of a microwave door by 60-70%.

This is a massive improvement and enough for most people to enjoy using their microwave again. If this doesn’t improve the situation then it is time to look at alternatives.

A lot of people worry about their microwave door making noise but sometimes it does come down to how you use it. For example, those who slam the door shut are going to create the loudest snap as the latch hits the spring.

If you are gentle and/or close it slowly, the sound is going to be quieter.

why are microwave doors so loud

2. Grease the Latch

Over time, the latch is going to start to show signs of aging.

This is normal and to be expected.

Due to the amount of use a microwave endures, it is going to age. This is something you are going to want to account for as a microwave owner. When the microwave starts to get older, it is going to break down and that will include the springs getting louder.

The latch might not have been loud when you bought the microwave, but it will have gotten worse with time.

Greasing the latch has to be done carefully wiwth the microwave turned off to make sure it is allowed to dry.

To get rid of this problem, you will want to take a bit of WD-40.

Just spray it gently along the latch. This will make it smoother and ensure it closes without a loud snap every time.

Is it going to 100% reduce the sound? No, that is impossible.

The snap will still be there but it is going to be far quieter. This is the type of improvement you should be on the lookout for as you learn how to quieten a microwave door.

why are microwave doors so loud

3. Change the Microwave

This is a straightforward option but the costliest.

Your microwave might be starting to age to the point of no return. This can happen and it is just something you will want to account for.

If the microwave has been used for more than a decade, the spring inside is likely about to give out. This is when the snapping is going to be the loudest.

Changing the microwave is your best bet when it comes to going with a quieter appliance. Newer springs are not going to make as much noise.

You can either replace the internal spring/latch or you will have to change the microwave.

In a lot of situations, it is simply better to buy a new microwave. The repair will cost too much and the appliance is still going to be old!

Related Questions

1. How Do I Make My Microwave Door Quieter?

The best way to make a microwave door quieter is to grease the internal latch/spring mechanism. This is what creates the “snap” sound most people associate with loud microwave doors.

2. Can Slamming A Microwave Door Cause Damage?

Yes, slamming a microwave door can cause damage. It can loosen the spring and/or damage the latch to the point it will not close. If the microwave door doesn’t close, the appliance will not work making it useless.

Final Thoughts

Why are microwave doors so loud?

Microwave doors tend to be loud because of the internal latch mechanism. This latch is connected to a spring as soon as you close the door. This creates the snap sound most people associate with louder microwave doors.

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