Why Are Table Lamps So Expensive? (And Which One To Buy!)

Table lamps can be frustrating when it comes to how expensive they are! You may be looking for a good addition to your room but don’t know where to get started. Each homeowner has a unique perspective when it comes to how a table lamp should look and what works best for their home. As a result, you will be left asking, why are table lamps so expensive?

Table lamps are expensive due to their build quality, safety testing, and how the light spreads. This is a detail-oriented task that is completed by the manufacturer to ensure the table lamp functions as expected.

With time, more and more manufacturers are starting to create table lamps in bulk and that has made them cheaper than they used to be. However, they are still expensive, which is why you are going to wonder “Why are table lamps so expensive?”

Key factors include:

  • Materials Used
  • Size of the Table Lamp
  • Safety Testing

When you are looking for a brand-new table lamp, you will look through all of the options available on the market. Some are going to be good while others are going to disappoint. This is why you have to take the time to pinpoint which ones are in line with your needs.

The beauty of the lighting market right now has to do with how many options are out there. You are not going to be restricted to one type of table lamp!

This guide will go through the question “Why are table lamps so expensive?” while also emphasizing some of the factors that play a role in how expensive a table lamp is.

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Reasons Why Table Lamps Are Expensive

1. Materials

It all starts with the materials that are used for both the base and lamp shade.

When you start asking “Why are table lamps so expensive?” you will need to look at the various components that are at play. It is not just a bulb on a stand that is going to be set up on your table!

You have to realize each aspect of the table lamp is fine-tuned so it works in line with what you want as a homeowner. If not, you won’t be happy with the table lamp nor is it going to last for a long time to come.

The best materials that are used can start to ramp up the price.

This is why finding a compact, minimalist design can often save you a lot of money as a buyer.

Why are table lamps so expensive

2. Wiring and Engineering

The wiring that is done for table lamps has to be intricate.

This means you will want to account for this raising the price of a table lamp. The team that engineers the lamp has to make sure the wiring is hidden and still works safely.

The most intricate part of a table lamp is how the wiring is run through the table lamp including how much power output it has to offer without compromising safety.

This leads to several months of testing as it has to be done well before producing the table lamp in bulk.

A lot of design work goes into table lamps and that comes out in the form of an expensive lighting fixture.

Why are table lamps so expensive

3. Safety Testing

Another factor to think about when asking “Why are table lamps so expensive?” is the level of safety testing that goes into the product.

Countries are particular about lights and how they are released onto the market. Electricity is dangerous and can’t be played around with.

This means all lamps have to go through rigorous testing.

Quality table lamps go through rigorous testing before being launched onto the open market due to the regulations in most parts of the world around these fixtures.

Due to this testing being expensive, they have to include that in the price point offered to the customer.

You will realize this as soon as you go onto the open market looking for a set of table lamps. Most are going to be UL-certified and/or safety tested based on modern standards of excellence.

1. Do Table Lamps Use Less Electricity?

The average table lamp will use less electricity than other lighting fixtures including chandeliers, pot lights, and/or other hanging lights.

2. What is the Most Expensive Lamp In The World?

The Pink Lotus Tiffany Lamp is noted for being the most expensive lamp in the world. It is priced at a startling USD 2.8 million and was last sold in 1997.

Final Thoughts

“Why are table lamps so expensive?”

Table lamps are expensive because of how they are engineered, their materials, and how everything comes together.

However, the market has a lot of options for those willing to do their homework.

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