Why Do I Hear Clicking In My Wall?

It can become unsettling to hear random noises inside a house.

A common noise people tend to hear is clicking. You will become frustrated with the noise and sometimes it can become louder as time goes on.

This will lead you to wonder, why do I hear clicking in my wall?

You might hear clicking in a wall when a hot water pipe rubs against a joist or stud. This occurs due to a thermal expansion as heat transfers through the pipe. Less common reasons can include pests, swaying trees, loose wiring, or heating issues.

It’s recommended to find the source of the clicking to pinpoint what the reason is. If it is more constant then it is likely a hot water pipe or heating that is causing a house to make clicking noises.

This article will take a detailed look into what causes clicking noises behind the wall in a house.

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Reasons For Clicking Behind A Wall

1. Expanding Hot Water Pipes

Random clicking noise in the house can be disconcerting.

A common reason most homeowners will realize has to do with the hot water pipes behind the wall. When hot water streams through these pipes, they may be going through a scientific process called “thermal expansion.”

This happens when a sudden change in temperature causes the shape of a physical object to expand. In this case, that physical object would be the pipe itself. When the hot water goes through, the pipe naturally expands to let it through.

Unfortunately, this can get to the point where it starts making random clicking noises in the house.

Whenever the hot water goes through, it will cause the pipe to click. This can become quite annoying especially when it comes to clicking noises in the house at night.

Your best option is to have the pipes assessed to see if reinforcements can be used to stop the issue.

Why do I hear clicking in my wall

2. Pests

Clicking sounds in the wall due to termites is always an issue in older homes.

The termites get into the walls and start reproducing. This can lead to significant damage if you are not taking the time to control them.

Not only is it going to be termites but a long list of other pests including mice. When they move, you are going to start hearing clicking sounds coming from behind the wall. This will happen at all hours of the day.

It’s important to set up traps around the house and also make sure you are calling in an exterminator. This will ensure the pests are a thing of the past rather than letting them do damage behind the wall.

3. Heating

It’s also possible for heat to start creating noise behind the wall.

This happens due to how the heating system functions with regard to the metal ductwork. It can put a lot of stress on the system and that will make it click.

It’s important to keep tabs on this.

If it is heating that is causing the house to click then it is going to happen during the colder months. You will notice this increase when the heating is turned on and it will only get worse the colder it gets.

If this happens, you will want someone to come in and take a look at the ductwork to see what’s going on behind the wall.

Why do I hear clicking in my wall

4. Loose Wiring

You might hear clicking in the wall because of loose wiring.

Electrical circuits are complex and they tend to run behind the wall throughout the house. This is why it’s possible one of the wires has come loose and is now starting to tap against something or create an unwanted spark.

This is dangerous and it is something you should look to rectify as soon as possible.

Electrical clicking in walls is not safe and it is something you have to account for using a specialist. Get an electrician to take a look at what’s going on as soon as you can.

Final Thoughts

Why do I hear clicking in my wall?

You might hear clicking in the wall due to pests, hot water expansion in the pipes, heating issues with the metal ductwork, or loose wiring. Each situation is unique and it’s best to find the root of the sound to determine what is causing it.

The reasons listed here are often noticed by property owners.

It’s best to go through all of this information to make sure you are safe and the property isn’t being compromised.

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