Why Is Dishwasher Door Not Aligned Properly? (Answered!)

When the dishwasher doesn’t work properly, it’s essential to look at the door. It’s possible the door isn’t functioning the way it is supposed to and that’s the main source of concern.

You may even end up asking, why is the dishwasher door not aligned properly?

A dishwasher door might not be aligned properly because one of the hinges came loose and/or the seal isn’t in place.

If this happens, it’s important to correct the issue before water leaks all over the place. This is assuming the appliance is even working!

A dishwasher door that isn’t aligned will likely not work. This is because the hinge won’t let it close from both sides.

This article will look at why a dishwasher door not aligned properly and what to do about it.

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Reasons For Why Dishwasher Door Not Aligned Properly

1. Hinge is Broken or Loose

The most common reason for why a dishwasher door is not aligned properly has to do with the hinge.

If you walk up to the dishwasher door and open it slightly, you can take a look at where the hinge is. You will notice one of the hinges is out of line, broken, and/or jiggling.

This is why the dishwasher door’s alignment is way off and it is not sealing the way it needs to.

The best course of action is to see if you can move the hinge around to see if it can be tightened. In some cases, the hinge will refuse to go back into place and even using something to hold the hinge in place won’t cut it.

If you are worried about this, the best option is to replace the dishwasher door’s hinge.

By doing this, you are going to have a much easier time making sure the hinge isn’t going to fall apart on you as soon as you close the dishwasher door. Replacement hinges are not expensive and can be installed quickly.

When you do install a dishwasher hinge, make sure it is the right fit and works in line with the other hinge. This is the only way it will remain aligned.

dishwasher door not aligned properly

2. Improper Seal

You also have to account for the sealing mechanism.

This is important because when it doesn’t seal, the mechanism is going to be off. The door won’t close the way you want it to because it will continue to come loose from the sides.

This can happen where one side remains fully sealed while the other loosens.

Dishwashers have robust seals running along the side that need to be accounted for when it comes to potential leaks later on.

This is a common concern seen with older dishwasher models.

Your goal should be to see where the seal is broken and then begin repairing it. This can include finding a way to change the seal that is running along the edges.

If you try to use the dishwasher door in its current state, the appliance is likely going to stop working and/or is going to leak water. This is the last thing you want but it is a concern that has to be addressed immediately.

dishwasher door not aligned properly

3. General Damage

You also have to account for general damage.

This means you might have slammed the dishwasher door and this caused it to break. This can include chips, cracks, and/or deformations that develop along the edges.

All of these things can happen depending on your usage.

Excessive force can cause a dishwasher door to break and/or lose its shape, which will make it impossible to close.

Take the time to look at the dishwasher door from different angles.

See whether or not there are physical imbalances that have developed with the door itself. This will shed light on what the issue is and why your dishwasher door isn’t in alignment.

Related Questions

1. Can You Adjust A Dishwasher Door?

Yes, you can adjust a dishwasher door at the hinges. This can include raising or lowering the hinges to change the height of the dishwasher door.

2. Why Is My Dishwasher Door Not Closing?

A dishwasher door may not close because its hinge is broken, loose, and/or missing. It can also involve the seal not working as intended or the door itself being out of shape.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons for why a dishwasher door is not aligned properly.

If you are worried about a dishwasher door’s alignment, it’s best to look at the hinges. In most cases, this is where the problem is going to lie.

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