Why Is My Cold Water Brown? (Fixed)

When you turn on the tap, it’s normal to expect clear water. This is how water is supposed to be after all.

However, what if things are not like that? You might even ask, why is my cold water brown?

If the cold water is brown, it’s likely due to rust or sediment mixing with the water. This can muddy the water and cause it to look brown. Do not drink or use this water. To fix the issue, let the water run for 20 minutes, change the faucet aerator, and set up a water filter.

If you decide to consume brown water, it will lead to serious health issues. Do not take this type of risk.

You can also take the time to reach out to neighbors. This will let you determine whether or not this is an independent issue that you’re dealing with as a property owner.

Here is a breakdown of what to do when fixing cold water that’s brown.

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How To Fix Cold Water That’s Brown

1. Let Water Run For 15-20 Minutes

When there’s brown water coming from one faucet only, you have to let the water run for at least 15-20 minutes.

Sometimes, there is a bit of debris at the tip of the spout that needs to be removed. By letting the water flow for a few minutes, you can get rid of it without opening anything up.

If you notice the brown water getting cleaner then this is the right step to continue with. Just let the water keep running.

If it is still brown after 20 minutes, you will have to move on to the next step as soon as you can.

why is my cold water brown

2. Take Off The Faucet Spout

If you are wondering why the cold water is brown all of a sudden, it is likely time to take off the faucet spout.

This will allow you to take a deeper look at where the water is coming from and whether or not the problem is deeper in the fixture.

The faucet spout should unscrew when you begin to spin it.

Take it off and access the aerator inside to focus on the next step.

3. Clean Or Replace The Aerator

Now that the faucet spout is off, you are going to see the aerator tucked inside.

When there is brown water coming from the faucet, it might have to do with debris that’s collected inside the aerator.

The aerator acts as a simple filter for the water and it can get dirty. You should be looking to keep it clean throughout the year with scheduled maintenance.

Take out the aerator, inspect it for damage, and then clean it. This will ensure any surface-level debris is removed.

Once the aerator is clean, you can decide to put it back. Some might prefer to avoid cleaning the aerator and putting in a new one. This is up to you and comes down to your budget.

why is my cold water brown

4. Set Up A Water Filter

The last step is to set up a water filter.

You don’t want the water to be brown or muddied. For this to happen, the aerator needs to be changed but it’s also recommended to set up a water filter.

By looking into the water filter, you are going to have an added layer of protection.

Please note, you should also take the time to reach out to your neighbors before wrapping up this little project at home. The goal is to see whether or not the water supply has gotten dirty, which means the local government needs to send someone to take a look.

Why Is Only My Cold Water Brown?

Your cold water can turn brown when there is sediment and/or rust inside the pipes. This can cause the water to come out brown. To fix the issue, let the tap run for 20 minutes, clean the faucet aerator, and install a water filter.

Is Brown Water Safe To Drink?

Brown water is not safe to drink. It might not cause long-term health concerns, but it will have an unpleasant taste. It is also important to determine what is causing the brown water before putting it inside your body.

Is It Ok To Shower In Brown Water?

It is okay to shower in brown water but it’s not recommended. Brown water is not clean and will leave sediment residue on the body. This is unappealing and something the average person does not want to shower with.

Final Thoughts

Why is my cold water brown?

Cold water turning brown occurs when there is rust or sediment inside the pipes. This causes the water to come out brown. To fix the issue, let the water run for 20 minutes, clean the aerator, and set up a water filter.

You should also ask your neighbors about a potential water supply issue.

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