Why Is My Gas Fireplace Beeping? (How To Fix)

It’s common to associate beeping with an electric fireplace, but what happens when there is noise coming from a gas fireplace?

Is it something to worry about or will the beeping go away on its own?

The most important question to ask is – Why is my gas fireplace beeping?

A gas fireplace can start beeping when its blower fan has started malfunctioning or worn down. This occurs when the spindle begins rubbing against the metal sides. To fix this, turn off the gas supply, unscrew the cover, and take out the blower fan. Lubricate the metal sides and tighten the bolts holding the spindle in place. It should not move side to side once secured.

It’s common for a gas fireplace to start making noises when the blower fan starts showing signs of aging. You will want to get to the bottom of this right away.

If left untouched, the blower fan is eventually going to break down and stop working. This means the gas fireplace will also become ineffective!

Here is a step-by-step look at what you have to do when a gas fireplace is beeping.

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How To Fix A Beeping Gas Fireplace

1. Find the Source of the Noise

If your gas fireplace shuts off and beeps then it’s important to pinpoint where the sound is coming from.

In most cases, the sound is going to come from the gas fireplace’s blower fan.

This blower fan is going to be located near the base of the fireplace and should be uncovered to reveal what’s causing the sound. You will eventually realize the sound is coming from the blower fan rubbing against the metal sides.

2. Turn off the Gas Supply

You will now want to turn off the gas supply.

This is important to ensure you are not exposing the room or yourself to gas. It is also risky to play around with any fireplace component when the gas line is still active.

Turn it off for your peace of mind.

Most gas fireplaces are going to have a valve running along the bottom that can be turned. You will want to make sure it is off.

3. Inspect the Blower

Now it’s time to look at the blower fan.

This is the component that is going to be making the beeping or squealing noise that you are hearing around the room.

In general, the blower fan is going to be placed inside the fireplace and will have to be uncovered once the gas fireplace is off.

Remove the cover place, unscrew the blower fan, and look at it in great detail.

4. Lubricate the Metal

The first thing you should do is lubricate the metal.

WD-40 or any other metal lubricant will be okay for this component. Make sure to do it carefully and do not spill it all over the other components.

Instead, only a little bit is enough to get the results that you are after.

It is important to take your time while going through this step. If you get it on the other components, those parts of the blower fan may break down.

5. Tighten the Spindle

The last step to get rid of the beeping noise is to tighten the spindle.

If a gas fireplace is beeping and it won’t turn on, this is likely the issue. You will want to look at how your specific fireplace model is designed.

Some are going to have bolts running along the metal ends while others are going to have large screws.

It depends on the spindle you are dealing with.

Inspect the bolts/screws and start tightening them one by one.

Is it Normal For Gas Fireplace To Make Noise?

It is not normal for a gas fireplace to make noise. If a blower fan breaks down or starts malfunctioning then it’s possible for a beeping or squealing noise to be heard. To fix this issue, turn off the gas supply, uncover the fireplace, and remove the blower fan. Lubricate the metal ends and tighten the spindle to get rid of the noise.

Final Thoughts

Why is my gas fireplace beeping?

If a gas fireplace is beeping, this means the blower fan is malfunctioning or not working properly. To fix the problem, you will have to access the blower fan. Do this by turning off the gas supply, removing the cover place, and unscrewing the blower fan assembly. Lubricate the metal ends and then tighten the bolts running along the side of the assembly.

This should help get rid of the beeping or squealing noise that you are hearing.

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