Why Is My Hot Water Milky White? (Fixed)

When you turn on the tap, does the water look odd?

This is a concern many property owners note when there is something wrong with the hot water coming from the faucet.

You can often wonder, why is the hot water milky white at home?

The hot water can be milky white when there is trapped air in the pipe. This causes air bubbles to be created, which turn the water into a milky white color. To fix this issue, unscrew the spout, take out the aerator, and scrape it using something sharp. Once the debris is removed, reconnect everything. This will reduce the air bubbles.

You have to understand there is nothing wrong with milky white water.

The air bubbles are a short-term issue and will go away on their own after a few minutes. These air bubbles are harmless and should not be a source of concern.

However, if you believe it’s something you’re uncomfortable with, there’s nothing wrong with cleaning the faucet aerator to get rid of the air bubbles. This happens when the debris causes water to burst out.

This guide will go into greater detail explaining your options and what to do when the hot water is milky white at home.

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How To Fix Hot Water That’s Milky White

1. Let The Water Run For A Few Minutes

Is cloudy water safe to drink?

Cloudy water is safe to drink. The air bubbles that cause this white-like color are not going to last for more than a few minutes. To fix the issue, it’s recommended to clean the aerator, but even drinking the water is fine in its current state.

The best way to reduce some of the air bubbles is to just let the water run.

If you let it run and then have it sit in a cup, the air bubbles will go on their own.

why is my hot water milky white

2. Check Water Heater Filter

A lot of property owners don’t take the time to maintain their water heaters.

This is key when trying to find out how to fix cloudy hot water. If there is cloudy water from the water heater coming through to the tap, it’s important to get to the root of the problem.

The water that is passing through the filter may be getting pressured and creating unwanted air bubbles.

As a result, your best option is to change the air filter and make sure the water heater is running at peak proficiency.

This might not be the only issue leading to the milky white hot water at home, but it is one maintenance task you should take up and complete.

3. Clean The Aerator

This is likely the main troublemaker when it comes to the tap water that is milky and has air bubbles in it.

The pressure caused by the dirty aerator is going to worsen the state of the water.

To do this, you are going to want to unscrew the spout and reveal the aerator underneath. Take out the aerator, inspect it, and then clean the surface using a cloth plus a sharp object (i.e. screwdriver).

You just want to get all of the debris that builds up over time.

why is my hot water milky white

What Causes Milky White Hot Water?

Milky white hot water is caused by trapped air inside the pipe or faucet. When the tap is turned on, this hot water bursts through with increased pressure. This pressure is what leads to the rapid increase of air bubbles and the resulting milky white water.

It’s best to fix the water filter and aerator when this happens.

You can drink the milky white water as the air bubbles will disappear on their own. However, if you are uncomfortable with the water, feel free to clean or replace the aerator.

Will Cloudy Water Go Away?

Cloudy water does go away if it’s allowed to sit for a few minutes. The cloudiness in the water is caused by excess air bubbles that are built up due to pressure in the pipes or faucet.

If you wait long enough, the water will be back to its original state.

Final Thoughts

Why is my hot water milky white?

Hot water can become milky white when there is trapped air in the faucet or pipe. While this is harmless, some don’t like this type of water. To fix the issue, change the water heater filter, unscrew the spout, take out the aerator, clean it with a sharp object, and try again.

This will ensure the water is crystal clear again without all of the unwanted bubbles.

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