Why Is Roomba Leaving Marks On The Floor? (Solved!)

Roombas are noted for being among the best robot vacuums available right now.

The brand has earned its stripes when it comes to high-value performance, durability, and overall quality. Yet, there are times when it might not function the way you want it to. This includes having a situation where a Roomba starts leaving marks on the floor.

A Roomba leaving marks on the floor likely has dirty wheels. This can cause the wheels to start leaving scuff marks as it moves along the floor. To avoid this, it’s best to use rubbing alcohol to clean the wheels before turning it on again.

It’s best to avoid using it until you do this.

If you continue using the Roomba with dirty wheels, the scuff marks may get worse. It’s smart to correct the problem as soon as possible.

This article will provide helpful tips when handling your Roomba leaving marks on the floor.

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Tips For Fixing Roomba Leaving Marks On The Floor

1. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Before doing anything else, it’s best to buy rubbing alcohol wipes.

These wipes will make it easier to keep the Roomba clean throughout the year. Whenever you feel the Roomba needs an inspection and cleaning, take out the rubbing alcohol wipes.

You will want to take a look at the front side of the Roomba to see what’s going on. This includes assessing potential “dirty” areas along the bottom.

If you notice this is a prevalent issue and there is a lot of debris underneath then it might be important to start taking it out using a pen or a screwdriver. Be methodical while doing this to make sure nothing is left behind.

You will also want to rub the rest of the Roomba using the wipes.

This will make sure the Roomba is in good working condition and it ages well. This is one of the most important maintenance steps a person can focus on when it comes to the durability of the Roomba and how effective it is.

roomba leaving marks on floor

2. Inspect the Wheels

When a robot vacuum starts leaving marks on the floor, you will want to inspect everything.

This includes the wheels.

You want to assess potential spots that are starting to get dirtier than they were out of the box. This is common as the robot vacuum cleans more and more.

Your goal should be to not only inspect these parts of the Roomba but to also make sure everything is cleaned using wipes.

It’s common for debris to collect along the wheels of a Roomba causing it to leave scuff marks. This is why it’s best to inspect the Roomba often.

When the wipes are not used, the mess is going to get worse.

There are times when the Roomba might not function at 100% power and that will take away from the cleaning results too.

This is why you should make it a routine to clean the Roomba at least once a month to keep it in good working condition.

roomba leaving marks on floor

3. Check Internal Gaps for Debris

Roombas do have small gaps along the bottom.

These gaps are airtight but it is possible debris can get lodged inside. This is when you will want to take something small to knock the debris loose.

If you don’t, the debris may be going to be the reason for marks getting left behind on the floor.

Debris is a common root cause for robot vacuums leaving marks and it’s best to look at the gaps in the Roomba to prevent this from occurring.

If you clean the gaps, you will have a better functioning Roomba on your hands.

Doing this from time to time will go a long way in keeping it in good shape.

Related Questions

1. How Do I Stop My Roomba From Scratching The Floor?

The Roomba’s pivot wheel can leave scratches on the floor. The best way to counteract this is by wrapping the wheel with electrical tape. This will help protect the floor while allowing the Roomba to pivot as needed.

2. Does Roomba Leave Marks On Baseboards?

A Roomba can leave marks on baseboards if it is not wiped down from time to time. Using rubbing alcohol to wipe along the bottom and sides to prevent scuff marks along the baseboards.

Final Thoughts

Why is your Roomba leaving marks on the floor?

Roombas can leave marks on the floor because of the pivot wheel getting dirty. It’s also common for debris to get wedged inside and leave marks behind as the Roomba moves. It’s best to use rubbing alcohol to clean the wheel.

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