Why Is Samsung Fridge Not Cooling But Light Is On?

Samsung fridges are known for being resilient, well-designed, and focused on being user-friendly.

While all of this is true, there are times the appliance will stop working. You may even end up asking, why is the Samsung fridge not cooling but the light is on?

When a Samsung fridge is not cooling but the light is on, this means its evaporator motor has stopped working. This component is solely responsible for siphoning cold air into the evaporator coils. If this chain is broken, the fridge stops being cold.

It is essential to take action by replacing the evaporator motor once you get the chance to do so. This is the best way to make sure the Samsung fridge doesn’t die on you or become useless.

This article will take a look at what to do if a Samsung fridge is not cooling but the light is on.

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Tips For Fixing Samsung Fridge That’s Not Cooling

1. Check the Evaporator Motor

The most common issue has to do with the evaporator motor.

If the evaporator motor stops working or breaks down, it will directly impact how cold the Samsung fridge is. As a result, you have to take the time to inspect the evaporator motor, see if it’s drawing cold air, and check how it’s circulating throughout the fridge.

If there are any hurdles in this process, your Samsung fridge is not going to be cold.

This is one of those parts that will have to either be repaired or replaced for the fridge to work. Otherwise, any other change that is made to the fridge including replacing the coils will not be enough.

You have to keep the evaporator motor running at 100% for the fridge to work.

This is a mistake that has to be avoided. If you change the evaporator motor and find a compatible solution, it will result in the type of cooling you want.

samsung fridge not cooling but light is on

2. Test the Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils can also get damaged as the Samsung fridge begins to age.

This is not as common as the motor going out but it is something to look into as a fridge owner. You will want to test the evaporator coils to make sure the air that’s being drawn into the fridge is then circulating as intended.

If there are handle issues during this process, it will impact how cold the fridge is. This is a serious challenge fridge owners have to face.

Look to repair the evaporator coils inside the fridge to make sure they are working as necessary. This includes replacing them with viable coils sold by Samsung.

3. Replace Motor

The most important replacement part is going to be the evaporator motor.

Let’s assume it is not working as intended and it is continuing to ruin the temperature inside the Samsung fridge. When this happens, you are going to have two options. The first will be to simply repair the part and the other is going to be to replace the motor.

It is highly recommended to take the opportunity to simply replace the evaporator motor in the Samsung fridge.

This will be far better than trying to repair a malfunctioning motor as it might give out again after a while.

samsung fridge not cooling but light is on

4. Regulate Temperature Outside The Fridge

You should be taking the time to regulate the temperature outside the fridge.

This is a common issue in warmer climates or places where the summer heat is high. If this applies to the kitchen where the fridge is set up then it will be impacted.

There are temperatures where even a fully functional fridge is going to stop working at 100%. This is why you have to regulate the temperature to the best of your ability inside and outside the fridge.

Having it set up at room temperature is ideal for the fridge to perform as you want it to.

Final Thoughts

Why is your Samsung fridge not cooling but the light is on?

A Samsung fridge not cooling but the light is still on likely has a damaged evaporator motor. This motor is responsible for welcoming cool air into the fridge and circulating it. If it breaks or gets damaged, the fridge will stop being cold.

This is why it is one of the most important changes a fridge owner can make.

You will want to take the time to test the evaporator motor in the Samsung fridge and ensure it is this part that has broken down. In most cases, it will be the motor that is the troublemaker.

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