Why Is There Water Dripping From Bathroom Fan? (Explained!)

Bathroom fans often slip into the background when it comes to removing pollutants and excess moisture from the room.

However, certain issues can arise with modern bathroom fans. This includes leaving you wondering, why is there water dripping from the bathroom fan?

Water can start dripping from the bathroom fan when frost builds up inside. This occurs if the temperature is cold inside the bathroom and the fan isn’t functioning correctly to draw the moisture into the vent.

It’s highly recommended to test the amount of extraction force being generated by the bathroom fan in situations such as these. You can also take the time to open up the bathroom fan to see where the frost is building up.

This will shed light on what you are dealing with and how much damage has been done.

This article will look at a few tips on how to look at the bathroom fan condensation trap and how to prevent water from leaking from the bathroom fan.

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Tips On How To Stop Water Leaks From Bathroom Fan

1. Check for Frost Build-Up

You can begin by looking at the various bathroom fan parts including the bathroom exhaust vent cap.

These parts will often highlight whether or not there is frost build-up inside the fan. When the temperature drops, it’s common for the moisture to go into the fan and then turn into frost.

The most common reason for this happening has to do with how effective the bathroom fan’s pull force is. If it is not extracting the moisture into the duct, there may be frost build-up due to exposure to colder temperatures.

A bathroom fan leaking isn’t a good sight.

You will want to test the frost build-up, see exactly where it is, and then test the bathroom fan. This will let you know what the root cause is.

The stopping point of the frost build-up is commonly where the problem lies. This is why looking at different parts such as the condensation trap will go a long way.

why is there water dripping from bathroom fan

2. Inspect Condensation Trap

With the bathroom exhaust fan leaking water, you will want to inspect the condensation trap as soon as possible.

This is where the condensation is going to get trapped as the name suggests. When working fluently, this trap does its job of handling the moisture while the fan works in the background.

When things go wrong, it is common for frost to start building up in this part of the fan.

Due to this, it is common for water to start dripping from the bathroom fan without relenting.

3. Check Extraction Force

Water dripping from a bathroom vent means you have to check the extraction force.

The idea here is to check the water dripping from the exhaust fan in the bathroom to see how much force is exerted by the fan.

If it is not generating enough force, the moisture won’t get pulled in the way it is supposed to. This can be damaging.

It’s best to test this by running it when you are using the bathroom. Just take a look at how much water starts leaking when the bathroom fan is on. If it is dramatic, this means the trap is likely the issue or a component that’s not working effectively.

why is there water dripping from bathroom fan

4. Take a Temperature Reading in Bathroom

With a bathroom vent leaking, you will want to take a temperature reading.

The bathroom fan dripping water is often associated with temperature issues. For example, the moisture might not be going all the way to the duct, which means it sits in the condensation trap.

If there is frost build-up, this can cause the leak to get worse.

By taking a temperature reading, you can begin to see what the issue is. If it is too cold, there will be frost build-up inside the bathroom fan.

Final Thoughts

Why is there water dripping from the bathroom fan?

Water can start dripping from the bathroom fan due to frost build-up. This will cause excess moisture to sit inside the bathroom fan and continue to drip. It’s recommended to check the condensation trap to see where the leak is originating from.

This is key information when it comes to handling a water leak from the bathroom fan. If you replace the right part, it will be back to how it was before the trouble arose.

Take your time with this process and make sure to test everything associated with the bathroom fan. This will help bring it back to the way it was.

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