Why Side Walls Of The Refrigerator Are Very Hot (Explained)

When it comes time to use a refrigerator, it’s often going to be associated with cooling and making sure the food is in good condition year-round.

While this is the most important detail to think about, you will also want to pay attention to how the refrigerator is doing from the outside.

This includes figuring out why the side walls of the refrigerator are very hot.

The side walls of the refrigerator are very hot because heat is pushed outward to retain cooling inside. In most cases, the appliance will remain lukewarm on the sides. If it burns up, this is due to the condenser coils needing a cleaning.

Cleaning the condenser coils in the fridge will improve the airflow and ensure the sides of the refrigerator are back to being lukewarm.

Take your time during this process and make sure to check each element in the fridge to ensure it’s as clean as it needs to be.

This article will take a look at what to do if the sides of a refrigerator are too hot.

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Steps On What To Do When Side Walls Of The Refrigerator Are Very Hot

1. Touch The Sides

It is not normal for the sides of a refrigerator to be hot.

This is why you will want to continue to keep tabs on the external temperature throughout the year. This will ensure you remain on top of things if the sides begin to feel warm to the touch.

The first thing you will want to note is that there is a “normal” warmth that’s common with all fridges.

This is noted as being “lukewarm” and there is nothing wrong with this. Any working fridge is going to be lukewarm to the touch on the sides and back.

The real concern is when the sides of the fridge are hot to the touch.

This means it is hot to the point you don’t want to keep your hand there for too long.

why side walls of the refrigerator are very hot

2. Inspect The Condensor Coils

If the fridge is too hot on the sides, it is time to look at the root cause of the issue.

It is likely going to be the condenser coils.

As the coils begin to grow old and get clogged, you will start to see the fridge do all sorts of things that are abnormal. This includes making odd noises and also starting to warm on the sides.

If this is the case, taking a look at the condenser coils is a good starting point.

To do this, you are going to pull the refrigerator out and unplug it. The condenser coils will be at the back of the fridge.

You will unscrew the panel to reveal the coils.

3. Clean The Coils

Once you have access to the coils, it is time to begin cleaning them.

The best strategy while doing this is to use a vacuum with an attachment. This will allow you to get deep into the coils and ensure all of the debris/dust is taken out.

It is also important that you do unplug the refrigerator before doing this for safety reasons. It will ensure you don’t get harmed while poking around near the coils.

why side walls of the refrigerator are very hot

4. Re-Test The Fridge

After you have managed to clean the coils, it is time to re-test the fridge to see if it is still heating up on the sides.

To do this, wait a few minutes and plug the fridge in.

Let the fridge reset and run for a few hours. You will then come back and see if the sides are hot to the touch.

If they are now lukewarm, you are good to go as the fridge is back to how it should be. If not, you will need to look at changing the condenser coils as they might be damaged to the point of no return.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps to implement when the side walls of the refrigerator are very hot.

If the side walls of the refrigerator are very hot, the likely cause has to do with clogged or damaged condenser coils. To fix the issue, unplug the fridge, remove the back panel, vacuum the coils, and then re-test the refrigerator.

If everything is good to go, the refrigerator will not be hot to the touch any longer.

This is important to correct right away or the fridge will continue to worsen with time. You will want to be want be meticulous while doing this to ensure things are done right the first time around.

Be thorough and make sure you clean each part in detail.

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