Will Creases Drop Out Of New Curtains? (Answered)

Getting new curtains can be exciting and you are going to want to set them up as soon as possible.

While some curtains are going to be wrinkle-free, there is still a certain amount of stress put on these curtains that begin to add up. You are going to want to stay aware when it is time to manage these types of curtains to ensure they do not get damaged or look odd.

This will lead you to ask, will creases drop out of new curtains?

Creases do drop out of new curtains at room temperature. To speed up the process, hang the curtains in the bathroom for 30 minutes and then hang them in a dry room for a few hours. Once done, steam iron the curtains to remove the wrinkles.

The average curtain is not going to take long to get back to how it was before being put into the packaging.

Do not rush the process and pay attention to how the new curtains react to the steps you are implementing.

This guide is going to show you more about what to do when there are creases in new curtains.

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How To Remove Creases From New Curtains

1. Use A Steam Iron

You will want to take out a steam iron for this process.

A steam iron is good because it will get rid of excessive wrinkles instantly. If you take the time to work the steam iron through the curtains, it is not going to take long for the process to finish.

Your goal has to be to set up a steam iron carefully.

This includes taking the time to make sure the steam iron is evenly managed when pressed on top of the curtain.

A lot of people will only use the steam iron where the wrinkles are.

This is not the right approach to take.

Instead, you want to iron the curtain evenly. This is how you are going to get rid of the creases.

2. Hang Curtains In The Bathroom For 30 Minutes

Let’s assume there are still a few wrinkles that are bothering you.

What are you going to do about them?

When getting rid of wrinkles in new curtains, you want to hang up the curtain in a moist area for a few minutes.

This is when the bathroom is going to come in handy.

You are going to hang the curtains in the bathroom and make sure they settle there for at least 30 minutes.

Just let them hang evenly and you are going to see good results.

3. Hang Curtains In A Dry Space For A Few Hours

You will now want to hang the curtains in a dry space for a few hours.

This is one of the most important things a person can do when it comes to providing an even finish and making sure things are done with a purpose.

You will want to use the room temperature conditions to help dry the new curtains.

The wrinkles will go away as soon as you hang the curtains in a dry space for a few hours. It is important to note that you will want to pay attention to the new curtains.

The goal is to give it enough time to get rid of the wrinkles. This might take more than a few hours depending on how excessive the wrinkles are.

4. Check For Wrinkles

You are now going to go through the final step in this process.

The final step is going to entail a thorough inspection of what is going on. A lot of people don’t think about this and that is when their wrinkles get worse.

You will want to make sure each wrinkle in the new curtain is gone. This is a must.

Go through each part of the curtain including the back. This is going to give you insight into how well the process has worked after you have completed it.

Final Thoughts

Will creases drop out of new curtains?

Creases can drop out of new curtains over time. To speed up the process, hang the new curtains in a bathroom for 30 minutes and then hang them in a dry space for a few hours. For the remaining wrinkles, use a steam iron to get rid of them.

This is a process that should work well for all materials.

Remember that even wrinkle-free curtains tend to deal with this issue and there is nothing to worry about in a situation such as this.

Be patient and make sure to go through the steps cited here to ensure you are seeing the results that you are hoping for.

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