25 Beautiful Winter Tray Decor Ideas For Your Home

The perfect winter tray can set the tone for a home.

It offers an aesthetically pleasing design element that’s easy on the eyes and is going to cultivate a specific theme for the room it’s in.

We adore how this can change the overall vibe and it is a great way to welcome the winter season the right way. These simple, yet elegant ideas are what you want to incorporate into your living space.

Wintery Green Tray

When you think about a beautiful winter tray, it’s common to look at wintry colors such as snow white.

Indeed, you can incorporate this color into the winter tray idea, but it’s also great to add a splash of greenery into the mix. This is where you are going to get that refined balance allowing the winter elements to pop.

Minimalistic Winter Tray

Simplicity is never a bad idea for those who want to mix things up.

This clean and crisp winter tray idea allows you to go with a charming option that’s not going to be abruptive. We appreciate this because a winter tray does not have to be the centerpiece in the room.

It can be a part of the theme like this gorgeous idea.

Rustic Winter Tray

A rustic winter tray is going to help cultivate a beautiful farmstead elegance that is hard to beat.

You can make use of the darker wood color to help create that aura around the winter tray and that’s going to give it a bit of warmth.

Using the warmth to elevate the beauty of the tray is what makes it amazing.

White And Gray Winter Tray

When you are thinking about a gorgeous winter tray, you will want to take the time to think about the beautiful combination of white and gray.

This is when the winter tray is going to stand out.

The winter tray is going to look beautiful from all angles and it’s going to resonate with your needs.

Silver Tray With Gold Accents

A silver tray is beautiful to look at.

This is a tray that’s going to stand out due to the shimmering elegance of the silver tray. To go along with the tray, you are going to add the gold accents to help complete the opulent aesthetic.

We adore this vibe because it’s ideal for upscale rooms that need that boost of wintry goodness.

Christmas-Inspired Winter Tray

What is the one thing you are going to think about when it comes to the winter season?

You are going to be ready for the holiday season and this will go well past the holidays.

Take the time to go with this Christmas-inspired winter tray idea and make use of those beautiful Christmas elements that you have come to adore.

Eucalyptus Stems Winter Tray

We love the idea of using fake stems to decorate the winter tray.

These items are going to give the winter tray a natural aesthetic that helps elevate its beauty.

We like how the stems work with the overall tray and that’s going to allow it to stay as natural as you want.

Wooden Tray With Greenery

Greenery is your best friend when it comes to showcasing the natural vibe of a winter tray and this can be done in numerous ways.

This idea looks to use winter-based elements that are going to showcase that organic touch that you are going for. This is going to flow well with the wooden tray as soon as things are set up.

Fairy Lights Winter Tray

Lighting is one of those elements that has to be done the right way.

We like fairy lights because they are easy to personalize and are going to settle in nicely with the rest of the wintry elements in the tray.

We would take the time to wrap the fairy lights around these elements to make it seem more in line with the theme.

Log Winter Tray

What about mixing up the look of the winter tray and its base?

This is where the log is going to come into play.

You are going to look for a gorgeous log tray to host the beautiful elements that you want to decorate it with. This aesthetic is amazing and something you are going to fall in love with instantly.

Snowy Pinecones Winter Tray

Pinecones are your best friend when it’s time to put the winter tray together.

This winter tray idea is going to make use of pinecones and then combine it with fake snow.

The gorgeous aesthetic is going to blow you away. We adore the use of pinecones because they gives the winter tray a natural punch.

Frosted Winter Tray

Frosted winter trays are a great option for those who want to get into the holiday spirit and also recreate that charming wintry goodness that comes with this time of the year.

We like how this brings what’s outside into the home.

You want to have that freshness active with the winter tray and that’s where the frosted element works.

Ceramic Winter Tray

Using ceramic is never a bad option if you want to look at a high-quality material for the winter tray idea.

This is going to help design the tray and make sure it pops a bit.

We recommend playing around with how you use ceramic in the tray. You can copy this idea or play around with another type of ceramic to see if that works for your situation.

Wooden Snowflakes And Pinecones Winter Tray

In this winter tray idea, you are going to be taking a look at the use of wooden snowflakes.

Yes, these snowflakes are going to be made out of wood and are going to help create that undertone you are going for with the tray.

You will add pinecones into the mix to complete the vision.

It will look amazing and wintry.

Candles With Pinecones In A Tray

Another option is to see if you can combine the natural freshness of the pinecones with gorgeous candles.

If you go with scented candles, you can even choose a scent that is associated with winter.

This is going to help spread the joy of the scent around the room.

Intricate Forest Winter Tray

A forest winter tray is great.

You are going to be looking at going with a winter tray where the greenery is used for precision. This includes how you place the greenery inside the tray and how the rest of the elements are placed within the heart of the tray.

This works well and is going to resonate with your vision for the tray.

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Board Winter Tray

Most people look to go with a basic tray as the foundation of the winter tray idea, but we would like to point towards a slightly different solution.

In this case, you are going to be using a gorgeous board.

The board is going to be the foundation of the tray and then you are going to decorate it with wintry elements to complete the look.

Blue And White Winter Tray

This is a natural wintry combination when it comes to winter colors.

Choose a rich blue that’s going to play well with the white elements in the tray. Look for related wintry elements in these colors and ensure you are managing the wintry vibe to perfection.

Don’t overlook this when it comes to doing things the right way.

Red And Green Winter Tray

A red and green winter tray is immaculate.

You are going to fall in love with this holiday-themed winter tray idea because it’s going to play well with the time of year.

You are going to use red and green elements in the tray to recreate that holiday spirit and continue to make it a part of your home.

Triple Tier Winter Tray

Let’s look at the triple-tier winter tray.

Yes, this winter tray is going to have three tiers and you are going to decorate each tier with different wintry elements.

The goal is to make it a true holiday winner. This includes the items you are putting in each tier and how they are balanced properly.

Tiered Winter Tray

This is going to be a multi-tiered winter tray.

This one is not going to have three tiers. It’s going to have two tiers and the aesthetic you’re going for is going to be maintained well.

We adore this look because it’s clean, crisp, and personalized.

Green And Brown Winter Tray

The green and brown winter tray is never a bad option.

We like this option because the green is going to offer an organic freshness, while you are going to get the woody greatness of the brown on top of it.

This is what we like about the winter tray that uses these warmer colors to perfection.

White Candles With Pinecones In A Tray

When you are thinking about adding pinecones to a winter tray, you are also going to want to add a bit of warmth.

This is not just through colors but also candles.

We would set up white candles and have pinecones around them in the winter tray. This is going to give you a beautifully balanced tray that is gorgeous to look at.

Green And Gold Winter Tray

Green and gold winter trays are elegant.

This is a beautiful combination of colors. You are looking at the natural element of green along with a splash of gold to complete this sophisticated winter tray.

It’s going to give the tray a bit of a pop while ensuring it retains that wintry elegance.

Ceramic Tree In Wooden Tray

A ceramic element is never a bad idea.

You are going to combine the ceramic with the wooden tray to ensure there is a beautiful balance between the two materials.

This is going to be charming for those who want something unique and charming.