Why Is Yellow Bleeding Through White Paint? (Fixed)

Applying a fresh coat of paint means it should be a balanced, aesthetically pleasing finish that looks the part.

In some cases, this might not happen due to what was under the paint and/or external conditions that impact the paint.

This is why it’s important to figure out what to do if there is yellow bleeding through the white paint.

If there’s yellow bleeding through the white paint, the most likely reason is the tannins underneath. This causes a yellow tinge to appear. To fix this issue, use a stain blocker and then apply oil-based white paint. This will get rid of the yellow bleeding.

If you continue to use water-based paint, the yellow staining will continue. This happens all the time when people attempt to paint wood surfaces.

This article will explain what you should do if there’s yellow bleeding through the white paint.

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Steps To Stop Yellow Bleeding Through White Paint

1. Clean The Surface

You will want to start by cleaning the surface.

If there’s a yellow stain coming through the paint, this means there will be spots that are more yellow than others.

By wiping the surface, you can get a clearer view of where the problem areas are. This is key when it comes to getting an even finish when you begin working on the surface again.

What should you use to wipe the surface?

Something as simple as a clean cloth should suffice. Make sure to cover the entire surface and work your way through it step-by-step.

By doing this, you are also going to find out more about potential disturbances in the surface that can be corrected. This can include things such as flaking, peeling, and/or any other damage that might have gone unnoticed.

The initial layer of white paint can also break down. This is why you have to be careful during the inspection phase and clean the surface properly.

Take your time with this part of the process.

yellow bleeding through white paint

2. Apply A Stain Blocker

When learning how to stop stains bleeding through the paint, you will want to apply a stain blocker.

This is the best way to ensure yellow stains don’t appear through the paint when you are done.

The stain blocker you should use will need to be valid for white paint and should work well on the type of surface you’re painting. This is the only way to make sure the primer is going to do its job when you begin.

For the stain blocker, you will want to apply a single coat. Make sure to cover the entire surface and don’t leave blotches.

3. Use Oil-Based White Paint

Wood bleeding through white paint is common, which is why you are going to have to buy the right type of paint.

In general, you should be looking at using oil-based white paint.

This will help preserve the integrity of the surface and ensure the aesthetics are in line with what you want to.

The oil-based white paint is going to hold better on the wood. This goes a long way in keeping the tannins from bleeding through the white paint when you let it dry.

This is key when things continue to turn yellow when you are painting the surface. With this strategy, you will get a much better finish.

You can even apply multiple coats to get the desired finish.

yellow bleeding through white paint

4. Let The Paint Dry

To complete the process, you will want to let the white paint dry.

The purpose here is to make sure the white paint settles and it looks even. If you notice issues during the drying process, you can always work on touch-ups afterward.

White paint is easy to use once you are painting a clear surface. This is why the stain blocker is imperative.

It will allow you to work on a surface that won’t bleed as soon as you begin painting.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps to focus on when it comes to yellow bleeding through the white paint.

If there is yellow bleeding through the white paint, it’s best to clean the surface, use a quality stain blocker, and then apply two coats of oil-based white paint. This will ensure the yellow tinge goes away for good.

Be meticulous when planning to repaint the surface. If you are diligent now, you are going to ensure there is no more yellow bleeding through the paint.

It’s best to take your time with each step.

This is the only way to ensure you get the value you are after. Otherwise, the paint will continue to look shoddy and unattractive.

invest in the right materials, use a good stain blocker, and apply everything evenly. This is a must.

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