What Causes Yellow Spark From Electrical Outlet? (Solved!)

Seeing any type of activity from an outlet can be a cause for concern.

Due to the natural exposure to electricity, it’s essential to get to the root cause of any electrical problem before it leads to a fire or injury.

This is why you have to figure out why yellow sparks are coming from the electrical outlet.

Yellow sparks from an electrical outlet can be a sign of an aging outlet, damaged wiring, or underlying electrical damage within the circuit. To fix this issue, turn off the electrical supply, remove the outlet, and check the wiring. It’s recommended to secure the wiring and replace the outlet to see if it helps.

This is a common issue with older outlets because they do lose their structural integrity. It is not difficult to replace the outlet and check the wiring.

Do this and make sure the yellow sparks coming from the electrical outlet are not there any longer.

This article will explain what you should do if yellow sparks are coming from an electrical outlet.

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How To Fix Yellow Spark From Electrical Outlet

1. Inspect the Outlet

If an outlet sparks and smokes then you will have to immediately find a solution.

This is incredibly dangerous and it is a sign things are going to get worse. You cannot let this continue as it might fry the rest of the circuit, ruin your electronics, and/or cause a fire.

This is why the first thing you are going to do is inspect the outlet.

If the outlet is sparking with nothing plugged in, this means the wiring might be damaged or loose underneath. However, you will want to inspect the outlet to see whether or not it is broken.

If it is damaged, this is going to be the first place to start.

Just replace the old outlet and see if that removes the sparks.

yellow spark from electrical outlet

2. Check the Wiring

Is it dangerous if a plug sparks?

Yes, it is dangerous if the outlet sparks as that is a sign something is wrong with the wiring or outlet. You have to check everything associated with the outlet to make sure it’s in working condition.

A lot of people struggle with this and it can become dangerous.

Your goal should be to check the wiring to see whether or not it is in good shape. Check if the wiring is loose or frayed.

If it is, this is the root cause of the yellow sparks coming from the outlet.

3. Replace the Old Outlet

If there is an orange spark when plugging in, you have to replace the old outlet.

This should be done whenever there is sparking around the outlet. It is a good sign that it is best to change the old outlet and put in a brand-new one.

You should be doing this regardless every 10 years or so.

However, make sure the outlet is compatible with the hole and is going to work as it is supposed to. If you don’t find the right outlet, it might put additional stress on the circuit.

Take your time and only go with a compatible outlet that is going to be a seamless fit.

yellow spark from electrical outlet

4. Test for Sparks

The last step is going to be to test for sparks.

This means you will want to find an electronic and plug it into the outlet. Make sure what you are plugging in is something you don’t mind seeing get damaged.

This means not connecting the latest smartphone into the outlet!

If you connect the electronic and the outlet does not spark, this means the problem has been solved. If it continues to spark, you will have to go deeper into the electrical circuit to see what the root cause is.

For these types of situations, it’s recommended to call a specialist that is aware of what could be going wrong.

Final Thoughts

These are the best options available for getting rid of yellow sparks from electrical outlets.

When yellow sparks are coming from an electrical outlet, this is a sign of an aging outlet, damaged/loose wiring, or a poorly connected electrical circuit. To fix this issue, replace the old outlet, secure the wiring, and re-test the outlet to see if it still sparks. For most situations, this will take care of the yellow sparks.

It is important to check everything as the overall integrity of the outlet is key for your safety.

If it is still sparking, do not connect anything to the outlet until the problem is resolved.

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