Bamboo Vs Plastic Cutting Board (Compared)

When you are comparing different cutting boards, it’s normal to want to look at the best materials available on the open market.

Some will lean towards wood, while others are going to want to go with a bamboo cutting board.

This comparison will look at analyzing a bamboo vs plastic cutting board.

A bamboo cutting board is known for offering a crisp cutting surface, a reliable build, and affordability. In comparison, a plastic cutting board is good for protecting your cutting tools, offering a stable surface, and not requiring maintenance.

You will have to weigh the pros and cons of each cutting board type to see what works for you.

A lot of people prefer going with a board that is affordable and efficient. This might make you want to lean towards a bamboo cutting board.

On the other hand, some just want a cutting board that is easy to maintain and protects their cutting tools. This is when the plastic cutting board begins to stand out.

This article is going to make your life easier by analyzing a bamboo vs plastic cutting board to see which one is right for you.

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Pros Of Bamboo Cutting Boards

1. Crisp Cutting

It all starts with the cutting.

You will only want to make sure things are as straightforward as possible. This includes protecting your countertop and cutting tools while also focusing on clean cuts.

This makes all the difference in the world when it comes to cutting through materials that are tough (i.e. meat).

You don’t want to struggle because the cutting board is not built for such ingredients.

In general, a bamboo cutting board will do well and is going to offer crisp cuts as soon as it is set up.

bamboo vs plastic cutting board

2. Longer-Lasting

You will enjoy a bamboo cutting board due to how long it is known to last.

This is assuming you go through the maintenance process as best as you can. It is never recommended to pursue a solution that will break down on you after a few uses.

This is not going to be the case for a bamboo cutting board.

It will hold up well as long as you are maintaining it. This includes using a bit of oil and wiping the surface to preserve the bamboo.

3. Repeatable Cutting

You should also focus on how the cutting feels when you start incorporating the bamboo cutting board into your routine.

You want something repeatable.

This means as soon as you set up the bamboo cutting board, it shouldn’t move around and it should offer crisp cuts that are in line with what you need.

The reason a bamboo cutting board does well is because of how repeatable it is. You will know it is going to cut the same way in the middle as it will when you cut along the edges.

bamboo vs plastic cutting board

Pros Of Plastic Cutting Boards

1. Safer For Cutting Tools

If you are someone that spends quite a bit of money on cutting tools, you will want to preserve them.

This is not always going to happen with a bamboo cutting board.

On the other hand, plastic cutting boards are world-class when it comes to preserving cutting tools. The stable surface isn’t going to budge and you will have no trouble cutting as required.

This is beneficial for those who are particular about their tools and only want to use a cutting board that keeps them safe.

2. Stable

Stability is a big part of getting a new cutting board.

Plastic cutting boards are good because of their stability. They don’t move around when you set them up on a countertop or any other surface.

This is the type of quality you desire.

You don’t want a situation where the plastic cutting board slips out from under you causing the cutting tool to damage the surface or yourself.

Take this into account as it does matter.

3. No Maintenance Needed

You will not like the idea of having to oil the bamboo cutting board often.

This is not a major concern but it is still something you have to account for. Otherwise, splintering starts to become an issue with the bamboo cutting board.

On the other hand, a plastic cutting board is world-class because it is built to last. You can use it without a fuss.

Just keep it clean and you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

Look into these details as you start comparing a bamboo vs plastic cutting board.

A bamboo cutting board is known for being great for crisp cuts, affordable, and consistent. In comparison, a plastic cutting board is ideal for protecting your tools, offers stability, and doesn’t require maintenance.

You will have to go through these positives to see which one aligns with your vision for a new cutting board.

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