Can You Use Bed Risers Without A Frame?

When it comes to using new-age bed risers, you will want to learn more about what works and what doesn’t. The last thing you will want to do is invest in bed risers and then end up realizing they won’t work for your setup! This is why it becomes smart to wonder, can you use bed risers without a frame?

It is possible to use bed risers without a frame. However, it is not a recommended solution as the riser won’t be completely secure under the weight of the bed. On the other hand, a frame will be fixed into the riser once installed.

This is something to account for when it comes to buying bed risers for your bed.

Key factors include:

  • Presence of a Bed Frame
  • Type of Bed Frame
  • Size of the Bed

For those who are asking “Can you use bed risers without a frame?” you likely don’t have a bed frame. This means you are wondering whether or not using bed risers without a bed frame is a smart idea.

While it is not recommended, this doesn’t mean you can’t use bed risers in your situation!

It is all about making sure the installation is done well and you ensure the right type of bed risers are being put to the test. As long as you do this, the results will be on par with what you want.

Here is more on the query “Can you use bed risers without a frame?” while also focusing on how to set up bed risers without a bed frame to make sure they don’t move.

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Tips for Setting Up Bed Risers

1. Evenly Set the Bed Risers

The first thing you are going to want to think about is where the bed risers are going to go.

For example, with a traditional bed frame, you would place them where the legs are. The leg is going to go inside the bed riser for a perfect fit. This is what allows it to stay completely stable.

However, without a bed frame, you will want to make sure each riser is equally set on all sides. This is the only way it won’t shake or move around.

Be diligent when asking “Can you use bed risers without a frame?” and focus on this aspect of the process.

can you use bed risers without a frame

2. Place on a Secure Surface

You will also want to make sure the surface under the bed riser is secure.

A good example of this would be tiles and/or hardwood flooring. This is when the risers may not be as secure as you want.

However, carpets tend to do well with bed risers as long as they are evenly set up as mentioned above.

Anti-Slip solutions such as mats are recommended for hardwood floors and/or other slippery surfaces when using bed risers.

Anti-slip mats are available and they should be set up under the bed risers.

This will ensure they remain steady and don’t slip around as you move on top of the bed. You don’t want a situation where the slippery floor causes the bed risers to move even a little bit!

can you use bed risers without a frame

3. Use Additional Bed Risers

Why not make use of additional bed risers along the sides?

This is a good way to secure the setup and make sure you have a solution where the height is increased and the bed remains steady at the same time.

This is a key detail to think about when asking “Can you use bed risers without a frame?”

Adding 2-4 additional bed risers along the sides can help make sure the bed doesn’t slip without a bed frame.

Don’t get into a situation where the lack of additional bed risers causes the bed to move around.

This can be disconcerting and is the last thing you want to deal with. Just get the extra bed risers when you have the chance and set things up the right way.

Related Questions

1. How Can I Raise My Bed Without A Frame?

It’s best to use bed risers, bookshelves, and/or books as a way to raise the bed without a frame. The riser should be secure and not slip as soon as the bed is set on top of it.

2. Are Bed Risers Safe?

Bed risers are safe and have been thoroughly tested for security. They have a strong, broad base that ensures weight distribution is not a concern once the bed is set into place.

Final Thoughts

“Can you use bed risers without a frame?”

There is nothing wrong with using bed risers without a frame. It’s important to focus on using the right type of solution that will be evenly distributed along all sides of the bed.

If you do this, you are going to see great results.

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