Why Is The Grout Coming Off When Cleaning? (Fixed)

Grout is supposed to be a stabilizer that offers added protection.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and things can begin to wear down. This includes a situation where the grout starts coming off when cleaning.

If the grout is coming off when cleaning, this means there’s too much moisture, the sealant has worn out, or the cleaning agent is too harsh. To fix the issue, set up a dehumidifier in the room, use a different cleaning agent, and use a higher-grade sealant.

For the most part, you are likely dealing with too much moisture in the space. This is common when the grout is fully exposed to moisture and it’s too humid in the room.

By setting up the dehumidifier and increasing the room’s airflow, you are going to have a much easier time managing the moisture levels.

This guide is going to highlight a few things you can do if the grout is coming off when cleaning.

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How To Fix Grout Coming Off When Cleaning

1. Change The Cleaning Agent

If the grout is coming out between tiles, you will need to think about the cleaning agent that’s being used.

Sometimes, you end up overdoing the cleaning agent and it starts to tarnish the grout. It can also damage the tiles depending on what solution you are using for the process.

This is why it’s best to use specialized cleaning agents.

In some cases, you might even end up using a homemade mixture such as water + baking soda.

It comes down to reducing the overall impact of the cleaning agent on the grout’s structural integrity.

Otherwise, the grout will start coming off when you are cleaning.

You never want a situation where the grout is chipping off because of the cleaning agent you are using. If you notice this, immediately change the cleaning solution as soon as possible.

grout coming off when cleaning

2. Set Up A Dehumidifier In The Room

If the grout rubs off, this is not a good sign.

It might be full of moisture, which creates a situation such as this one. You might have excess moisture in the grout causing it to break down.

How do you resolve this problem?

You will want to begin with setting up a dehumidifier in the room. This should offer ample coverage in the space to protect the grout.

This is done by eliminating moisture in the room as best as possible. You never want a situation where the grout continues to come off because there’s too much moisture in the air.

3. Increase The Airflow

You will also want to increase the airflow in this part of the property.

Sometimes, the lack of airflow can make it harder for the grout to remain stable. This also happens when the temperature fluctuates too much in the space.

Always keep the temperature set to room temperature or slightly colder. This will help keep the grout intact.

You also want to ensure there is a fan setup that pushes air across the entire room. This is ideal for keeping the grout from getting wet or refusing to dry.

grout coming off when cleaning

4. Re-Seal The Grout

You will also want to take a longer-term approach when it comes to something like this.

A lot of people don’t realize the impact a sealant can have when it comes to something like this.

If the wrong type of grout sealant was used, it will not be waterproof. This means moisture continues to push through the initial barrier causing the grout to chip away.

This is why you have to re-seal the grout.

Use a higher-grade grout sealant and make sure it settles before turning on the water. This is a must when it comes to grout in the bathroom.

Is It Normal For Grout To Come Off When Cleaning?

It is not normal for grout to come off when cleaning. This is often a sign of too much moisture seeping into the grout or a harsh cleaning agent being used. To fix the issue, change the cleaning agent, set up a dehumidifier to cut down the moisture, and re-seal the grout.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps on how to fix grout that’s coming off when cleaning.

If grout is coming off when cleaning, this is likely due to excess moisture in the grout, a lack of airflow, and/or a harsh cleaning agent. To fix the issue, set up a dehumidifier in the room, change the cleaning agent, and set up a fan to increase airflow.

This will help the grout stabilize and continue to work the way it is supposed to.

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