How to Dissolve Kleenex (Solved)

Kleenex is one of the most popular tissue paper brands on the planet. The brand has become synonymous with tissue paper and is a commonly used word to describe the product itself.

Unfortunately, there are times when Kleenex tissue paper can get stuck inside a toilet or somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

When this occurs, you have to learn how to dissolve Kleenex quickly.

To dissolve Kleenex quickly, put one Aspirin tablet in the water and let it dissolve. Once the tablet dissolves ensure the tissue paper is soaked with this water. It will begin to dissolve in minutes.

The chemicals found in Aspirin tablets are good at dissolving Kleenex tissue paper. This process is going to be much faster than simply letting the tissue paper disintegrate on its own.

If you are in this situation, it’s time to take out the Aspirin tablet as soon as possible.

Here is a look at what to do when learning how to dissolve Kleenex tissue paper at home.

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Tips To Dissolve Kleenex Safely

1. Put One Aspirin Tablet Into The Water

If you accidentally flushed Kleenex down the toilet, it’s time to find a way to loosen it up without taking out the toilet bowl.

To do this quickly, all you are going to need is one Aspirin tablet.

Yes, that is all!

The Aspirin tablet is going to be put into the water. Once it’s in the water, you have to let the tablet dissolve completely.

This is how it’s going to mix with the water. Do not flush the water once the tablet is in as you need it to settle into the standing water for the Kleenex to dissolve.

how to dissolve kleenex

2. Let Tablet Dissolve

You are now going to wait for the tablet to dissolve. This means it should be completely gone by the time you come back to take a look.

How long is this process going to take?

It should take a few minutes. The tablet is supposed to be fast-dissolving due to its main usage, which means you are not going to be waiting around for a long time.

If there’s Kleenex on the back of the toilet or inside the drain, you will need to use Aspirin as a way to loosen things up.

A lot of people attempt to use a plunger or auger immediately and that’s fine. However, this is a much easier way to get the Kleenex tissue paper to break down.

3. Wait For Kleenex To Dissolve

After the tablet is dissolved, you are going to begin to wait for the impact on the clogged tissue paper.

Using Aspirin to dissolve tissue paper works and you are going to start to see the results as soon as it is dissolved in the water.

The tissue paper is going to begin to turn into a mushy mess.

This is a good sign and it’s what you should be on the lookout for. As it turns into mush, you will know the Kleenex tissue paper is going to loosen to the point it can be removed easily or flushed down the toilet.

how to dissolve kleenex

How Long Does It Take for Kleenex To Dissolve?

It can take Kleenex up to six hours to dissolve in water. To expedite the process, people use one Aspirin tablet in water to ensure the tissue paper dissolves within minutes.

Does Aspirin Dissolve Kleenex?

Aspirin does dissolve Kleenex tissue paper and is a commonly cited hack for dissolving a variety of similar products including paper towels. To do this the right way, put one tablet into the water and let it dissolve. Once the water settles, the Kleenex will begin to dissolve due to the chemical change.

Do Kleenex Dissolve In Water?

Kleenex does dissolve in water. It takes approximately six hours for this process to be completed depending on the state of the water. To speed up the process, it’s best to put one Aspirin tablet into the water at the same time.

Final Thoughts

These are the best tips on how to dissolve Kleenex tissue papers.

To dissolve Kleenex tissue papers, start by putting one Aspirin tablet into the water and waiting for it to dissolve. Once the water is ready, the Kleenex tissue paper will begin to dissolve too. This can take a few minutes to complete.

The process is simple and is going to ensure the Kleenex tissue paper turns into mush that’s easy to flush.

This simple hack is a breeze for those who accidentally flushed Kleenex tissue paper down the toilet.

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