I Accidentally Flushed Something Down The Toilet! (Solved)

The toilet is used throughout the day and sometimes things don’t work out as planned.

This includes accidents happening.

In some cases, you might have even accidentally flushed something down the toilet!

If you accidentally flushed something down the toilet, turn off the water valve, empty the toilet bowl/tank, push the auger in, and spin to clamp onto the object. If this doesn’t work, remove the toilet bowl and access the drain hole using an auger.

These steps will ensure you can remove anything that’s flushed down a toilet.

If you want to make sure the item is removed, it’s always best to use a quality auger that will spin into the drain hole. This will ensure the item comes out quickly.

Here is a detailed guide on what to do if you accidentally flushed something down the toilet.

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How To Remove Object Flushed Down The Toilet

1. Turn Off The Water Using Shutoff Valve

You will want complete access to the drain hole when trying to remove an item that was flushed down the toilet.

Otherwise, you are not going to full access and that can take away from the process.

To get started, you will look to turn off the water supply. This is done using the shutoff valve located behind the toilet or on a wall nearby. Each setup is different but the goal is to find that shutoff valve.

Spin the shutoff valve clockwise to turn it off.

You will notice the water stops pouring into the toilet bowl when this occurs.

accidentally flushed something down the toilet

2. Empty Toilet Bowl And Tank

You will now want to empty the toilet bowl and tank.

To do this, you are going to press down on the flush for a few seconds. Just hold it in this position as the water drains out of the tank.

What about the toilet bowl?

To remove water out of the toilet bowl, you are going to take a bucket full of water and begin pouring it in. Yes, this might seem counterproductive, but it is the opposite and will push the existing water into the drain.

As a result, you are going to have an empty water bowl and tank that are ready to be worked on.

Take your time doing this and make sure to lift the bucket as you pour the water in. The extended height of the water is going to create enough force to push the water down into the hole.

3. Spin Toilet Auger Into Hole To Clamp Onto Object

At this point, you will have to move your focus towards the object that was flushed down the toilet by accident.

If you flushed a toy down the toilet or a razor, you have to take the time to use a toilet auger for the job.

With the toilet auger, you are going to spin it into the hole.

Keep spinning it until you feel something tug on the auger. This is a sign it has hit an object. When you reach that object, you can begin to clamp onto it by spinning some more.

This is enough to pull the object up.

accidentally flushed something down the toilet

4. Remove Toilet Bowl And Try Again (If Necessary)

Let’s assume this does not work.

What are you going to do then?

At this stage, you will realize the item is further inside the pipe. For this situation, you are going to want to take the toilet bowl off of its place.

To do this, you are going to need a putty knife to remove the caulk running along the side. You will then unscrew the toilet, which will make it easy to take off.

Once the toilet bowl is set aside, it’s time to use the toilet auger again.

Now, you are going to do the same thing but it will be easier to go deeper into the drain hole. Just continue to spin the auger until you gain access to the item that was flushed down by accident.

Final Thoughts

I accidentally flushed something down the toilet!

If you accidentally flushed something down the toilet, use the shutoff valve to turn off the water supply. Now, empty the water bowl and tank. Once both are empty, use a toilet auger to spin into the drain hole. This will latch onto the item and pull it out. If this doesn’t work, remove the toilet bowl and try again with full access to the drain hole.

One of these solutions will do the job for you and lead to the type of result you’re after.

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