The Toilet Makes Noise When I Sit On It! (Step-By-Step Solution!)

It’s not easy to deal with a situation where the toilet continually makes noises.

You are going to get frustrated and it can also become an issue that has to be resolved to avoid greater plumbing problems down the road.

Keeping this in mind, you might say, “The toilet makes noise when I sit on it!” and want a solution as soon as possible.

If the toilet makes noise when you sit on it, the wax seal has been damaged or loosened. This is a major issue as it can cause water damage once the water begins leaking through the sealed area. To fix this problem,

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Steps To Fix Toilet That Makes Noise When You Sit On It

1. Turn Off The Water

One of the biggest concerns people have involves toilets leaking. After all, this is the reason you will want to fix the damaged wax seal as soon as you can!

Due to this, you have to turn off the water coming to the toilet.

This is the only way you can begin to fix the toilet’s wax seal and replace it.

Go to the water valve and turn it off before starting. This will help drain the water and then you can begin to work on the replacement process.

toilet makes noise when i sit on it

2. Remove The Toilet

You are now going to remove the toilet.

To access the wax seal, you have to remove the toilet out of the way and look at what’s going on underneath. Remember, the wax seal sits on the floor to help prevent water from leaking from the sides.

This is why when a bit of weight is put on the toilet, it starts making noise.

This is the wax seal indicating that it has loosened and/or damaged over time. You have to fix the problem or it will give out eventually.

Sometimes, you might not even realize it leak water until it is too late.

Look at your specific toilet and begin unscrewing it from the sides. This will help let you take it out of its place to see the wax seal.

3. Inspect and Replace The Wax Seal

Now that you have access to the wax seal, it’s time to look at replacing it.

You will have to see how the existing wax seal is doing. This includes making sure you have the right wax ring in your hand.

Until then, you should not replace the wax ring as it might be a terrible fit!

Remove the wax seal once you are sure and then replace it. Make sure it sits snugly in place and does not budge.

4. Reconnect and Test The Toilet

The last step is to reconnect the toilet and make sure everything is in place.

Take this step seriously and do it as methodically as possible.

The reason is to avoid a situation where the wax seal has been set up but the toilet is improperly installed. This can still cause water to leak and there is a chance that additional problems will pop up.

This is why being patient during this step is a must.

It’s the only way you can be sure the toilet is going to work the way you want it to.

Once the toilet is in place, now it’s time to turn on the water and see if it works. Sit on the toilet, test it, and see if it works without making noises.

If it is quiet, this means the job is done and the wax seal is back to how it is supposed to be. If it is still making noises, it’s best to recheck the wax seal to see if a mistake was made.

Final Thoughts

“The toilet makes noise when I sit on it!”

If a toilet makes noise when you sit on it, this means the wax seal has been loosened and/or damaged. This is a major concern as it can lead to significant water damage once the water leaks through the seal. To fix the problem, turn off the water valve, remove the toilet, and replace the wax ring underneath.

This will ensure the water doesn’t leak through and the noise goes away too.

When a toilet makes noise, it’s important to inspect it. As you can see, the amount of water damage that can be done is costly.

Take your time to replace the wax ring and ensure it is in place properly.

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